Young girl who charms two brothers by climbing to the top of the music industry goes astray by losing her manners


This book presents a diagram of real situations and hidden emotions that most of us will not dare to admit.

“It’s a story of introspection. How the innocence of our decisions can lead us down a path of hurtful and destructive obstacles. The most important. How some of the Seven Deadly Sins can shatter our spirits and encourage the ego to make costly decisions that tarnish our morale and disintegrate our self-esteem, ”says Suca.

The first book in a trilogy, “Lost In A Maze: Volume I” (published by Archway Publishing) details a woman’s journey in life and will inspire readers to ask the tough questions about who they are and what they are. they are willing to sacrifice when it comes to love, power and success.

Sabrina is an incredibly beautiful 16-year-old Jamaican / West African girl who moves to America with her guardian after her mother’s death. She comes in search of a new and better life. His arrival sparks a sibling rivalry between the two sons of Sabrina’s powerful employer. One son is Irish. The other son is an Irish and Jamaican mulatto. As an adult, Sabrina becomes a successful music mogul, which continues to attract the two brothers. Sabrina even starts a relationship with one of them, but it turns terribly wrong. Meanwhile, Sabrina loses her manners in exchange for celebrity status, money, and fame. Yet she is looking for love. Sabrina has all the tools to attract a man, but does she have what it takes to keep one?

“This book presents a diagram of real-life situations and hidden emotions that most of us will not dare to admit. The reason to be somewhere in this new world, to be honest and real or to take responsibility for our choices has become taboo, ”says Suca. When asked what she wants readers to take away from the book, she replies, “May mistakes, disappointments and sorrows come to us all. That we all look more alike than we think. That from all corners of the earth we all experience and want the same things in life. That we are not as different as we think we are. For more details on the book, please visit

“Lost in a labyrinth: Volume I”

By Suca

Hardcover | 5.5 x 8.5 inches | 108 pages | ISBN 9781665702423

Soft cover | 5.5 x 8.5 inches | 108 pages | ISBN 9781665702430

Electronic book | 108 pages | ISBN 9781665702416

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Suca, “The Veiled Princess” is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, Publishers, and Recording Artists. She is also the creator of the musical single and the video Lost in a Maze. The clip reached 1.4 million views in four months. Suca is played in 63 countries. In Jamaica, she was number one on the charts for 49 weeks in 2019 and 2020. In 2019, she ranked ninth for R&B worldwide. Of Jamaican / West African descent, Suca has been a songwriter and Negro for over 10 years and is also a philanthropist. The single “Lost in a Maze” is featured in the book and available on Amazon. The “Lost in a Maze” video can be viewed on YouTube.

Simon & Schuster, a company with nearly ninety years of publishing experience, partnered with Author Solutions, LLC, the world leader in self-publishing, to create Archway Publishing. With unique resources to support books of all kinds, Archway Publishing offers a specialized approach to help every author reach their desired audience. For more information, visit or call 844-669-3957.

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