World’s largest emerald listed on Guinness website, here’s how much it weighs

The gemstone weighs 1.505 kg.

In another startling discovery that has taken the internet by surprise, the world’s largest uncut gemstone emerald has been discovered in Zambia and weighs 7,525 carats (1.505 kg), according to Guinness World Records (GWR).

The gemstone was unearthed by Indian geologist Manas Banerjee and Richard Kapeta and their team in July last year at the Kagem mine in Zambia’s Copperbelt province.

GWR further stated that the gem is called Chipembele, which means “rhino” in the local indigenous dialect of the Bemba people of Zambia. They added that the stone was called “Chipembele” in reference to the conspicuous “horn” above the emerald.

Prior to this discovery, two other emeralds were found in the same mine in Zambia. One was known as “Infosu” and the other as “Inkalamu” – one was found in 2010 and 2018 respectively.

The official website of GJEPC India mentions: “The discovery of Chipembele follows Insofu (Bemba for ‘elephant’ – discovered in 2010) and Inkalamu (‘lion’ – 2018), all of which were formed in relatively close proximity to the mine. Kagem Emerald Mine in Zambia, which is the largest producing emerald mine in the world, owned by Gemfields in partnership with the Zambian government’s Industrial Development Corporation.

The remarkable gem is said to have been exhibited at the 4th India GJEPC Rough Gemstone Sourcing Show.

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“Insofu” weighed 6,225 carats (1.245 kg) and “Inkalamu” came third with 5,655 carats (1.131 kg).

According to GWR, Gemfields noted that “Chipembele formed under near perfect conditions, allowing the combination of elements to crystallize into large, distinct hexagonal crystal structures with glassy surfaces.”

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