Wondershare Filmora 11 is the best video editor for creatives

High-octane video editing often comes at a high price: difficult and complex tools, poor system performance, and what often looks like an extremely unsatisfactory end product for our times. Wondershare’s mission is to make your cumbersome and cumbersome video editing workflow a thing of the past.

How? ‘Or’ What? With a simple interface, an amazing library of stock media, and an all-in-one toolset that covers only the absolute essentials without missing anything important.

YouTubers, TikTokers and vloggers of all possible manifestations: Wondershare Filmora 11 has been designed specifically for you. Here are a few reasons to upgrade today.

Wondershare Filmora 11 Makes Video Editing Easier

Video editing, audio editing, video coloring, and even some light special effects are included with a Filmora 11 premium subscription — you’ll even get unlimited access to a ton of slick stock material thanks to Giphy, Unsplash, and more.

How to edit video in Filmora 11.

This versatile and easy-to-use suite of tools can be yours for an annual payment, just like any Adobe product. Click here and you’ll be entitled to nearly 50% off an entire year of Filmora 11 or 20% off a perpetual plan.

With this reset, that’s $68.98 for one year and $116.95 for life. For comparison, an entire year of Adobe Premiere will cost you $251.88.


Crunch the numbers. Do the math. This completely redesigned video editing software includes everything you need to make every project shine, including:

  • split screenallowing you to invite your viewers through multiple windows simultaneously
  • Color matchingmaking it easy to correct color across multiple shots and scenes
  • Special effectssuch as glitches, fake stereos, and fun overlays such as hearts, lightning bolts, and other graphics, including custom titles and credits
  • Advanced Equalizer easier than ever: balance dialogue, sound effects, music and more in no time
  • motion tracking in Adobe products and other advanced motion graphics software
  • Video modelsallowing you to efficiently produce tons of branded content
  • Cloud Sharingmaking it easier to publish your work
  • Integration with a number of inventory content vendors including Giphy and Unsplash

Filmora 11, just like its predecessors, strives to do everything for you in a continuous and comprehensive video production pipeline. Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on under the hood.

To download: Wondershare Filmora 11 for Windows | Mac

What can you do with Filmora 11?

A bunch of stock effects in Wondershare Filmora 11.

This application is capable of everything your standard video editing software is capable of, all in a package that ends up being much lighter than your standard prosumer fare in this area. Although the previous versions were quite robust on their own, this latest version includes some significant improvements over its predecessors.

Some video options in Filmora 11.

Tasks like boosting speed, masking shots, syncing audio, and creating edits to music can all be accomplished quickly and efficiently, much more than ever before. Even some of the more advanced stuff here takes little time to master, which means less time googling for answers and more time spent creating great videos.

Green screen effects, audio equalizer, color grading, custom titles, motion tracking, video stabilization, and even support for 3D LUTs are also part of Filmora 11’s wheelhouse. of file types will be barred to you, both in terms of what you can import into the program and how you can output them after the fact, unlike many other simple video editors in this price range.

Besides the app itself, each Filmora 11 Premium subscription also includes 1GB of storage on Wondershare Drive, a cloud-based service you can use to send and share anything with anyone.

Who should use Filmora 11?

Filmora 11 is perfect for any kind of content creation that involves video, but it’s especially suited for social content and those who frequently share online. It’s fast, allowing you to constantly post new videos and vlogs, all without limiting your creativity or leaving you waiting for the perfect effect or transition.

Above all, we recommend Filmora 11 for any professional or hobbyist in the following areas:

  • Marketing: Create dynamic and eye-catching ads and content effortlessly
  • Vlogging and social media: Once your footage is in the box, you’ll go from editing to downloading in no time
  • Education: This goes especially for teachers and remote professors – engage your classrooms and help them pass every exam
  • Arts and entertainment: Budding DIY filmmakers and musicians will love the freedom and flexibility this video software gives them, including us.

We love Filmora 11, especially when we spin our wheels trying to come up with something fresh and original. With tons of free media such as color blocks, effect overlays, professionally designed titles and stock videos to help you unleash your creativity, inspiration never runs out within the Filmora 11 ecosystem. Highly recommended for anyone looking to shake things up in the sequel.

Is Wondershare Filmora worth it?

At this price, Filmora 11 would be an incredible investment for any creative person, even if you only work with video casually or strictly for fun. If you make a living from your video content, there’s no doubt about it. Wondershare Filmora sets the stage for quick editing, saving you more time on the back-end for the next big project on your plate.

The workflow is solid, the tools are simple and easy to use, and the end results speak for themselves. This all-inclusive package will never leave you wanting more.

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