Why do you need to turn off your car while pumping gas?

Recently, I stopped to fill up on my way to work. As I was pumping my gas, someone pulled over, got out of their SUV, let it run, and started pumping their gas. It seemed strange to me that he would do this since there were signs everywhere warning him against such a thing.

I wondered if that was really a legitimate warning. If he wasn’t paying attention to the warning signs at the gas station, why was I? After all, it was cold outside. I would have liked to keep my car running too. But should I?

Don’t let the engine run

Make sure you park your vehicle and turn off the engine before pumping gasoline. You should also turn off all auxiliary 12 volt power sources such as phone chargers and cigarette lighters as, although rare, they can be a potential igniter of a fuel fire.

– familyhandyman.com

According to Reader’s Digestthese are the other things you should avoid doing at the gas station.

  • To smoke a cigarette
  • Getting into your vehicle while it’s refueling
  • Drive with nozzle still attached
  • Using your cell phone at the pump
  • Fill the tank
  • Not locking your car doors
  • Use credit or debit cards
  • Gas splashes on your skin
  • Pumping gas into an unapproved portable container
  • Inhalation of gasoline vapors
  • Leave your car on while you pump
  • Put fuel in an unleaded tank
  • Pay no attention to the warning sign

Find out why, HERE.

More things you should and shouldn’t do when pumping gas.

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