WhatsApp Web User Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Here is everything you need to know about the main features of WhatsApp, multi-device, QR code and video calling.

The fantastic feature of Whatsapp Web and Desktop is that it will sync all of your chats to your computer so that you can chat with whatever device is best for you. There are no limits to communicating with a person and the times you want to share with them. Everything seems to happen instantly. A Whatsapp group can share messages, photos, and videos with up to 256 people at a time. A user can stay in touch with the groups of people that matter most to them.

Sharing documents has also become easier in Whatsapp by sending PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, etc. without the hassle of messaging or file sharing apps. You can easily send 100MB of files in regional languages ​​around the world. This installation is possible for free over the Internet connection of your smartphone simply by having WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Multi-Device Beta:

  • This version of WhatsApp offers early access to try a new version of WhatsApp for the web for desktop and portal.
  • This service will be able to use linked companion devices without needing to keep your phone connected.
  • Four companion devices at a time can be used with only one phone logged into your Whatsapp account at a time.
  • It is necessary to register your WhatsApp account and link new devices to your phone.
  • Linked devices will be disconnected if you do not use your phone for more than 14 days.
  • The functionality is limited to certain countries and users using the latest beta of Whatsapp on Android or iPhone.
  • The multi-device beta will be released worldwide soon.

Features not supported:

  • You cannot view live locations on paired devices.
  • Pinning chats is not possible on the web or WhatsApp desktop.
  • It doesn’t have the ability to join, view, and reset group invitations from WhatsApp Web and Desktop. You must use your phone instead.
  • A user with an older version of Whatsapp on their phone cannot receive your message or call from your linked device.
  • Calls from Portal or WhatsApp Desktop to linked devices that are not enrolled in the multi-device beta.
  • Other WhatsApp accounts on your portal will only work if those accounts have joined the cross-device beta.
  • WhatsApp Business users cannot change their company name or labels from WhatsApp Web or Desktop.

Where is my WhatsApp QR code?

  • Whatsapp QR code helps your friends and family to add contact on Whatsapp by scanning your Whatsapp QR code.
  • It will not expire unless the user resets it or deletes your Whatsapp account. The Qr code must be shared with people you trust.
  • It is also possible for someone to pass your Whatsapp QR code to other people, who could then add you as a contact by scanning your code.
  • Open your WhatsApp application.
  • Tap more options with three vertical dots present on your screen.
  • Now click on settings
  • Now tap the QR icon displayed next to your name.

Can I put and use WhatsApp on my computer?

  • Yes, you can install WhatsApp Web on your computer’s browser by opening the app in desktop mode on your computer.
  • Then choose Whatsapp Web on your phone
  • Now scan the QR code to log into your account.
  • Then you are ready to chat on your computer.
  • The above steps help you locate the QR code.

How do I connect WhatsApp to my laptop?

  • You can open any browser and follow the same steps mentioned above for your computer desktop.
  • Whatsapp web downloads are of two types:
  • WhatsApp Web: This is a browser based application from Whatsapp.
  • WhatsApp Desktop: It is an application that you can download to your computer
  • If you are on your computer browser, click https://www.whatsapp.com/download/ and download the .exe or .dmg file.
  • When the download is complete, open the .exe or .dmg file and follow the instructions to complete the installation.
  • You must have a Windows 8.1 or newer operating system and macOS 10.10 or newer operating system.

Whatsapp Web Account:

This feature consists of adding your Whatsapp account where your contacts will not be shared with Facebook, to be stored on the Portal device.

Whatsapp range:

Once the phone is paired with the Whatsapp application on the computer, it will be paired even if the two devices are not using the same internet connection in the same place. As there is no distance limitation.

How to make a video call on WhatsApp Web:

  • Desktop video calls are also possible through Whatsapp offices for free in different countries.
  • Video calls use an Internet connection.
  • Group calls are not possible on office calls.
  • All you need is an active internet connection, access to the computer’s microphone and camera.
  • You can make individual calls by opening the contact you want to call and clicking the video call icon.

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