What is it and how can it help you publish books on Amazon?


Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a huge platform with a lot of features. Using it can get tricky, especially if you’re new. Fortunately, Amazon’s self-publishing service comes with a handy collection of guides.

KDP University has answers to most of your burning questions in four separate sections. Let’s break them down and see how they can help you.

What is KDP University and what does it offer?

KDP University is basically a page full of tutorials in written and video form. Its main goal is to teach you how to use your publishing tools and be successful with your paperback and digital books on Amazon.

1. KDP Jumpstart: all the basics

This guide is perfect for new Amazon publishers because it walks you every step of the way, offering insider tips, resources, and helpful videos.

KDP Jumpstart Publishing Guide

KDP Jumpstart covers everything from setting up your account and your book details to designing your cover and understanding your rights on KDP.

Learn as much as you can about the service, even how to remove DRM from ebooks. Knowing exactly what you are dealing with will increase your confidence and performance on KDP.

2. KDP Webinars: More Direct Lessons

If you learn better from video, KDP has you covered. The service often hosts live question-and-answer sessions with publishing experts, including bestselling authors like LJ Ross and Andrew Watts.

KDP University webinars available

Don’t worry if you miss a webinar. KDP University records and posts them on its webinar page and dedicated YouTube channel. All the information that could improve your posting experience is here, ready and waiting.

Topics covered so far include the basics, but also how to use metadata, promote your book, and make good use of Goodreads in your marketing strategy.

3. KDP Video Tutorials: Visualize the Basics

Another resource for visual guides is the KDP page with all of their videos. There are tutorials for various parts of getting started, entering book details, formatting your manuscript and cover, and advertising your book.

KDP University Video Tutorials

With the many ways you can promote your eBook only through Kindle Direct Publishing, simple video guides showing you the ropes are essential so you don’t get lost.

4. User Guides: Explore KDP Design Tools

The rest of KDP University includes step-by-step guides on how to design paperbacks and eBooks to KDP standards in terms of margins, sizes, fonts, file types, etc. You can also learn how to use the platform’s tools for this purpose.

KDP University User Guides for Book Design

For example, you get to know the ins and outs of formatting your book on Windows and Mac. You’ll also learn about Kindle Create and Cover Creator, KDP’s readily available tools for designing the inside and outside of your book.

Look outside of KDP for book services

Kindle Direct Publishing offers many options and tools to meet your needs as an author or publisher. Thanks to KDP University, they also benefit from direct and in-depth support.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to use everything on offer. When it comes to how your book looks, for example, you are more than welcome to download interior and cover designs from other services. They just need to meet KDP standards for Amazon to publish them.


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