Wendell Scott, NASCAR’s First Black Driver’s Story Shared as 3D AR NFT Collection in Historical Release on Nifty Gateway, Hosted by Authentik Studios

100 years after his birth and 58 years after his NASCAR victory, Wendell Scott continues to break down barriers as his legacy is now irrevocably tied to technology that is shaping the future of how users interact with the world around them. NFTs are an appropriate mode for sharing the story of Wendell Scott as NFT, as Wendell Scott, disrupted society while paving the way for change in a failing system. Similar to the impact of NFTs on technology, cryptocurrency, and the future of Web 3.0, Scottthe impact rocked NASCARthe status quo and made sport more inclusive and accessible. Owners of these NFTs have a chance to be part of history in the making.

A monumental series of firsts, these landmark NFTs were created in partnership by leading digital agency Worldwide XR (WXR), content developers Extended Reality Vue XR and Wendell Scott Ventures (the joint venture between David Stewart IIs Lion Forge Films (Oscar® award-winning hair love), parent company Polarity, a black-owned entertainment holding company and Scott 34 Racing) and are the first NFTs to be released by an African-American NASCAR driver. It will be coollaunches for the first time a 3D digital car in augmented reality (AR) on its platform. The first of thiss kind and an exact 1:1 replica of Wendell Scotts first ever NASCAR winning 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air. Just as the blockchain allows users to operate on a decentralized system, the Extended Reality (XR) version of ScottThe car’s shatters it far from its physical confines of its NASCAR Hall of Fame display and brings it to the masses. This AR asset can also be used in Metaverse applications.

Depending on the NFT purchased, owners will also receive Authentik StudiosSILO™ digital frame that brings your NFTs to life by allowing users to display your collections on a 43″ HD high fidelity audio display in the comfort of their home. Users can access their entire NFT gallery via the SILO™ application and enjoy their NFTs in incomparable 4K resolution.

On Wendell Scott
born in the countryside Virginia in 1921 during the Jim Crow era, a time when racial segregation was enforced by law, Wendell ScottS life and career have been filled with adversity. After serving as a mechanic in a separate division during World War II, he was denied access to NASCAR due to the color of his skin. From his first job as a taxi driver, Scott honed his driving skills by smuggling moonshine during the Prohibition era.

Scott used trials and tribulations to propel him forward. Scott became the first African-American team owner and spent nine years in the Dixie Circuit”, a smaller regional NASCAR competitor, until finally able to persuade NASCAR to license it to race in 1953 – officially breaking the sports color barrier.

Scott won the Jacksonville 200 race in 1963, to see victory given to a white driver over a after participating in 496 NASCAR races, with 147 Top 10 finishes, a horrible fatal accident in 1973 ended his career. Scott died of cancer in 1990 and was officially inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2015, becoming the first African American in NASCAR history to do so.

Wendell ScottHis career was repeatedly challenged by racial prejudice and death threats. However, his determined struggle as an underdog would win the hearts of thousands of fans and fellow riders. Scott was, and still is, a pop culture icon who was the subject of the film Greased Eclair” featuring Richard Prior and inspired the character of Scott River at Disneyan animated movie Cars 3.”

The Wendell Scott Foundation is led by the CEO Warrick Scott and offers educational programs designed for students ages 8-18 using STEM-related resources and curricula, as well as learning and mentorship opportunities to communities across the country. For more information on the Foundation, go to www.wendellscott.org.

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SOURCE Authentic Studios

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