Website Dos and Don’ts (Conclusion)

CHICAGO – Having a business website offers a wide variety of benefits to a small business like a laundromat, including establishing its market presence, informing customers about the location of the store and hours. openness, and marketing the way it serves its region.

Yet less than 30% of laundromats advertise their store through a website, says Brian Henderson, citing a 2020 Coin Laundry Association survey.

“Having a solid, clean website with easy-to-analyze information about who, what, where and why someone should visit your laundromat will put your website at the top of local search listings on Google,” adds Henderson, including Wash-Dry-Fold POS The company started offering website building services last year based on industry demand.

In addition to discussing the benefits of having a business website, Part 1 of this article looked at the elements of such a site; we will continue.

Dennis Diaz, President of Spy, an online marketing services company that works specifically with laundry businesses, cautions against letting website content become outdated.

“Your website content doesn’t need to be refreshed daily, but it should always contain timely and relevant information,” he says. “I suggest that if you have a blog post content at least in the month we are in; there is nothing worse than going to a page with overlooked articles from last year.

“A blog or a news section to help rank online searches was a good idea ten years ago, but nowadays it would be better to focus on the timeless content of your site; something that doesn’t have a timestamp, ”says Henderson. “If there is content on your website that clearly hasn’t been updated in years, it undermines the confidence a customer would have in the current accuracy of the information found on the rest of your site.” Web. “

Security is a must and a business website must be protected from potential hackers.

“Many web hosts provide a cheap or free SSL certificate for your website, which means traffic to and from your site is through an encrypted connection,” says Henderson. “Enable two-factor authentication (that thing where they text or email you a code when you try to sign in) for your web host’s admin page and your website publisher, if possible. In this modern age, passwords alone are often not enough to keep everything secure. ”

When a laundromat is considering starting a website, he says the most common mistake is to think that just having a Facebook page and a website isn’t necessary.

“It’s more like a ‘yes and’ situation,” says Henderson. “Yes, claim free listings such as on Facebook, Google Business, Yelp and many other local business listing websites. and have your own website. Your website is your center of truth which you have complete control over. When you set up camp on free business registration websites, then you are sitting on land that is not yours and is subject to changes that you do not control.

“If you’re looking to create a website, make sure the design is personalized and tailored to your specific needs,” Diaz explains. “There are a lot of mistakes people often make when first developing their own site, including not matching goals with designs; they may find a model attractive, but it lacks the elements necessary to effectively convert customers.

Websites can be “tricky technical beasts,” Diaz says, but don’t worry if the design looks perfect the first time.

“Make sure you tell a story that is clear and speaks to people as well as customers. A great website connects first, so make it easy for them.

Did you miss part 1? You can read it HERE.

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