Web23 and NexBLOC Using Butterfly Protocol to Create Blockchain Naming System on Cardano Blockchain Platform

The Blockchain Domain Registry System will focus on making it possible for the Cardano community to maximize the use of blockchain domains

British Virgin Islands, September 29, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Web23 Inc., a U.S. company and NexBLOC, a British Virgin Islands company, are teaming up to develop a blockchain-based naming system that natively runs on the Cardano blockchain platform. The initiative continues to move the Butterfly protocol across many blockchains to ensure these communities have the tools necessary for fully decentralized internet optimization.

The Butterfly protocol was originally created using the Ethereum blockchain and continues to provide resources and tools to the Ethereum community. But, according to Dana Farbo, founder of NexBLOC, this decision helps expand the access of different blockchain development communities to a unified naming convention. Mr Farbo said that “we will continue to lock down the root domain on Ethereum but by using other blockchains we can prepare for wider acceptance of blockchain DNS (bDNS) and lower costs of using the decentralized web. “.

Som Kirann, Founder of Web23 went on to say “Cardano has driven decentralization at its core and with the recent deployment of their Plutus smart contract capabilities, we wanted to be a pioneer in creating human-readable naming capabilities that exist on other channels. Working with Butterfly and NexBLOC allows us to move forward quickly and prepare for a bright future within the Cardano community. “

This is the second blockchain in the NexBLOC roadmap for naming system ubiquity across chains. Earlier this year, the construction of XDC Networks was announced and work is advancing rapidly on the XDC blockchain. Supported by a grant from the XDC Foundation, full deployment and deployment is expected on November 1, 2021. In addition to standard access tools for connecting websites using IPFS, wallet authentication and browser extensions, NexBLOC works with XDC Networks dApp developers to integrate specific dDNS solutions into their projects.

Web23 is known for its work in enabling businesses or individuals to create domains on a large scale. It’s important to build an offensive and defensive system around brands and professional work. The SaaS solution creates a capacity supported by artificial intelligence to automatically acquire similar names based on trends, word searches and social media discussions. They integrate the system into the decentralized domain acquisition space with low cost gas blockchains such as Cardano. According to Mr. Kirann, “The rapid and mass acquisition of domains with the current state of Ethereum gas costs makes large-scale deployment prohibitive. Cardano, XDC Networks and other blockchains allow us to provide a solution that takes in charge of the brand owner. “

Cardano’s deployment should be ready in mid-Q4 2021, with other blockchains planned as part of the collaboration between Web23 and NexBLOC.

About the Butterfly protocol (https://www.butterflyprotocol.io/)

Butterfly Protocol is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that aims to replace the Domain Name System (DNS) and change the economics of domain ownership.

About Web23 (https://web23.io)

Blockchains are starting to open up a whole new world of possibilities where Top Level Domains (TLDs) as well as long and weird wallet addresses have to be converted to human-readable formats, the reason for existing domains based on the. ‘ICANN and their resolutions to IP addresses.

As a SaaS solution, Web23 aims to:

– Automatically protect the main domain and neighbor domains in the ICANN world

– Optimize the publication of domains to minimize the effects of similar domains

– Notify owners and administrator in 24X7 mode with continuous threats targeted to domains

– Automatically protect main domain and neighbor domains in Blockchain world

– Inform users of spoofed social media accounts

– Evaluate the health of brands against domains and their resolution / publication

At Web23, ICANN and Blockchain domains would be purchased, administered, transferred and monitored in a secure, optimized and automated manner

About NexBLOC

Founded as a BVI company in 2021, NexBLOC uses the Butterfly protocol and other technology stacks to create custom deployments of bDNS systems. They currently have over ten private blockchain top-level domains (bTLDs) in various forms of deployment. In addition, they strive to deploy a free working environment for all blockchain developers using the .sandbox bTLD and other extensions.

Forward-looking statements

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