VMware’s Hogan On Cloud Marketplace and Dell’s Hogan On Cloud partnership

Sandy Hogan: “Marketplaces are clearly a disruptive force”

There’s no doubt that the public cloud marketplaces of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Google Cloud are disrupting the traditional channel partner resale movement. However, VMware’s global channel leader Sandy Hogan said there are many “unique opportunities” for partners to take advantage of these cloud marketplaces.

“Without a doubt, marketplaces are clearly a disruptive force, not just for VMware but for all of us. We are all on this journey together,” said Hogan, VMware senior vice president for the global partner and business organization, in an interview with CRN. “Frankly, with any kind of disruption like this, we think it opens up some significant opportunities.”

Hogan also explained how focusing on customer success will be key to channel partner profitability over traditional resale transactions.

“Going forward, most of a partner’s or business’ profitability will actually come from how you retain and grow your customer base, not how you deal with your customer. So when you think about it, it’s that whole skill set that we want to help accelerate to market,” Hogan said. “We see our partners having two to three times the profitability because that’s where it’s going to come from.”

Hogan talks with CRN about partnership opportunities in the public cloud and distributor markets, his channel strategy in 2022, and the vision for VMware’s channel synergy with Dell Technologies now that VMware is an independent company.

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