Two Gujarat people detained for deceiving Chennai residents via fake website

Another accused is believed to be hiding in Thailand, police have launched a manhunt for him

The Central Crime Branch (CCB) Cyber ​​Crime Wing has arrested two Gujarat defendants for deceiving clients of a tour operator in Chennai by creating a website deceptively similar to the tour operator’s.

Last September, Madras Tours and Travels filed a complaint with the city’s police commissioner alleging that unidentified people set up a deceptively similar website and cheated on several clients of the tour operator after receiving money online. The Cyber ​​Crime Wing took the complaint for investigation and immediately blocked the bogus website.

A special team found the defendants operating from Ahmedabad, Gujarat and arrested Devaraj Singh, 26, and Shravan Singh, 26, from Ahmedabad. They were taken to town and placed in pre-trial detention. The investigation revealed that Dileep Singh, younger brother of Devaraj who is locked up in Thailand, is the prime suspect who created the bogus website on behalf of a travel agency and cheated on people who booked tours in Thailand. using the site. Customers were asked to transfer the money to bank accounts held by the duo.

Police have launched a manhunt to catch Dileep Singh. Police also recovered 31,000, ATM cards and cell phones from the arrested defendants.

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