Town of Dickinson website will get a new look

For the first time this year, the Town of Dickinson held its regular meeting on Tuesday at Town Hall – soon to be moved later this month at the new location of the old American Bank Center building. Meyer noted that the city’s website is expected to go live between mid-January and the end of January.

“Your new homepage is very search driven. We have removed a lot of the menu system to make it easier for our citizens and to bring out that information about what is used the most, ”said Meyer, adding:“ We also designed it to be) more based on a portal. So, for example, the government portal – (of which) I have just a small glimpse of each of these pages – focuses on elected officials, but also focuses on city code, uncoded ordinances, news. related to government function.

Meyer noted that the website designers have also taken the Town Meetings & Minutes page and made it simpler by placing all of the different boards on the main menu page and organizing each item accordingly. The new website has eliminated some of the Microsoft OneNote files that were confusing to some residents. Instead, the current calendar is now presented in PDF format, so it looks great on any device, he added.

“We left the previous calendars in OneNote format, but we are also publishing them in PDF format. Keep it nice and simple for them, ”he said.

Each of the different sections of the main residents portal goes to a different portal, Meyer said, explaining that the designers took the main highlights of what a person from that perspective would look for and dropped them onto those pages, such as events, ways to get involved, city scorecards and utility bill payment options.

One of the biggest changes to the new website is in the city dashboards, Meyer said. For example, one of the dashboards will have a place for the Dickinson Police Department and it will capture daily statistics on crime occurring in the area as well as the number of criminal arrests. Other dashboards that will be updated daily include permits, property assessment, utility billing, and solid waste.

Meyer added that the new website will be quite user-friendly for residents.

The new website will be available around the same time the Town of Dickinson moves to its new location, starting January 24, at 38 First St. W. The following municipal services will be available at the new location and will no longer be available. Available at current Second Street location: Administrative Assessment, Buildings and Codes, City Court, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Planning, Security and Utility Billing.

The Dickinson Municipal Yard and utility drop boxes will remain at 99 Second Street East for the duration of the Dickinson Town Square project, when they will move to the lane east of the New Town Hall location. city.

In other town business, the Dickinson Town Commission has also approved a proclamation for Giving Hearts Day, which will take place on February 10.

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