Top 8 Ways Digital Marketers Use Google Workspace

As a digital marketer, you’ll be glad to know that a handful of free Google Workspace apps are all you need for successful networking and promotion.

You will especially find that digital marketing tools and services are expensive for promotional campaigns. If you are considering a career in this field or want to provide affordable solutions to your freelance clients, you will only need a few Google apps.

You can even launch effective online promotional campaigns for free. Here’s how to get started with digital marketing with Google’s familiar apps.

A marketing email personalization visual

Google Workspace’s Gmail app is an ideal tool for building a brand for free or at low cost. To start, you need to format your emails so that they look professional and trustworthy.

Your journey of building trust through Gmail starts with adding a clear and meaningful email subject line that will explain the email perspective in 10 words. Choose the words for the subject of the email carefully and only include the most relevant and useful ones.

Also, your email should include a logo, your photo, alternate email addresses, social media profiles, work address, website, and a contact number for work-related communications. You can include them in the signature section of your email.


2. Plan effective digital marketing campaigns

Google apps like Calendar, Drive, and Sites are the perfect tools for convenient, simple, and streamlined management of digital marketing campaigns. You can create a Google Drive shared folder for brochures, social media posts, infographics, and Instagram videos.

Give your team members the required access, such as edit, view, or comment, so that the responsible resource can access content based on their roles in the project.

You can schedule social media posts on the Calendar app and sync them with a team member to publish the content.

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Since promotional campaigns on social media mostly contain brief content, you need to create a Google Sites page to redirect your audience to the detailed campaign board. Here you can elaborate on the promotional campaign using YouTube videos, blogs and images.

Since Sites is a responsive platform, your audience will always experience enjoyable browsing sessions, regardless of their device.

3. Run DIY Email Marketing for Free

View of a Gmail add-on for marketing email templates

The Gmail app easily integrates with advanced email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Omnisend, etc. Therefore, you can use your Gmail for the distribution of newsletters or marketing emails to keep all data in one tool and avoid switching between applications.

You can also visit Google Workspace Marketplace to install useful apps that automate email marketing tasks such as bulk emailing, email analysis, email tracking, etc These apps allow you to become your own digital marketer without any learning curve.

4. Stand out with a high profile website

An image of the Test My Site audit report

Google offers a range of digital marketing tools for optimizing website content. Therefore, as a digital marketer, you can offer professional content optimization services to your clients without investing in paid tools.

On the contrary, you can stand out from the crowd and reach the target audience with minimal or no investment if you run your own website. Here is a list of some tools and their main use:

  1. The Lighthouse tool lets you audit any website URL for performance, SEO, accessibility, and best practices.
  2. The Find My Audience tool allows you to discover thousands of global audiences for your YouTube channel and possibly for the associated website.
  3. Test My Site tests your mobile-friendly website performance in a 4G connection, website health and offers optimization recommendations.

5. Increase the reach of local audiences

A visual of the GMB ranking of a Google Sites page

Use Google Sites and Google My Business strategically to increase a website’s reach to the local community for free. Start with a Google Sites website that will contain related content, such as blog posts, promotional videos, products, services, promotional slides, etc.

You can easily import content from YouTube, Google Docs, Slides and Sheets into the sites without much effort. Now make your website publicly available by linking it to Google Search through Google My Business.

Google My Business lets you add contact numbers, Google Maps locations, and public notices so your website comes up easily when your target audiences search for related products or services.

6. Display services and their achievements

It’s time to present your products, services, achievements and future developments in a practical way using simple tools from Google Workspace. Create a Sites page with sections dedicated to the services you offer, how they perform for past clients, and more.

Now create product/service slideshows on Slides using original images, videos and written content. Then upload it to the Sites page via a simple link. You can go further and create authentic videos as well.

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For performance and analytics, you can create visualizations on Sheets and link them to the Sites website where you want to view the data. You can also perform such marketing optimization for your clients if you are working on digital marketing projects.

7. Integrate DIY Ads

An image showing DIY ads on Google Sites

Since Google Sites lets you import almost any content from Google Workspace, it’s the perfect platform for promotional ads. Whether you’re a digital marketer or a website owner, you can save money by using your creativity to develop personalized ads.

Use Sites’ image carousel feature to showcase flash sales, promotions, and special offers through graphic content. You can also add call-to-action buttons like Book Service, Buy Product, Subscribe to Email Newsletter, etc.

You can also create videos of your products and services to upload to your Sites page to increase audience engagement with your offerings.

8. Collect user feedback/requests

Google Sites Google Forms Integration Console

Personalized customer requests and feedback are equally important for website optimization and analysis. You can get personalized data on customer expectations by adding a feedback or service request form to your Google sites.

Google Forms will automatically store user responses in a dedicated Google Sheets file. You can let users submit forms for up to three months and then analyze the data to find a pattern. Then implement these user expectations to increase your website and brand authority.

For services or product inquiries, check the corresponding spreadsheet regularly, so that you can respond to the user as soon as possible.

Excel your digital marketing skills with Google Workspace

By following the digital marketing methods mentioned above using Google apps which are mostly free, you can quickly launch yourself as a solo online marketer.

Moreover, these tools and their use cases are the ideal examples if you want to learn and master your digital marketing tactics. Plus, with more effort at the team level, you can even be successful at the business level for your freelance clients.

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