Tokyo Olympics live updates: Baby boomers quarterfinal vs Argentina announced after Kookaburras reached gold medal game


The Boomers face Argentina tonight with a win to secure them a chance at an elusive men’s basketball medal.

Meanwhile, the Kookaburras have reserved their spot in the hockey gold medal game after a victory over Germany.

Follow all of Tuesday’s action on our live blog.

Live updates


ALWAYS COMING: Australians to watch tonight

Every hour AEST.

  • Evening athletics: 5,000 m men, David McNeill, Morgan McDonald, Patrick Tiernan from 8:56 p.m.
  • Sport climbing: Qualification at the top of the men’s combined, Tom o’halloran at 10:10 p.m.
  • Hockey: Men’s semi-final, Australia vs. Germany from 20h
  • Artistic swimming: Technical routine in duet, Emily Rogers / Amie Thompson after 8:30 p.m.
  • Water polo: Quarter-final women, Australia vs. ROC at 8:50 p.m.
  • Basketball: Men’s quarter-final, Australia vs. Argentina at 10 p.m.
  • Beach volleyball: Quarter-final women, Australia vs. Canada at 11:00 p.m.

By Jon Healy

ATHLETICS: Athing Mu wins gold in the 800m

The American star made it home in 1: 55.21, ahead of Briton Keely Hodgkinson and his American teammate Raevyn Rogers.

Gold and silver both set national records.

By Kelsie Iorio

Why did Latvia replace Australia in beach volleyball tonight? I switched from rock climbing hoping to see the Australians …


They do not have !!!

The Australians then play – both against Canada, but two different Canadian teams.

Kicks off at 11 p.m. AEST.

By Jon Healy

BASKETBALL: baby boomers regain the advantage

Chris Goulding tied the teams with a big three, but things got really bad for about four minutes.

And Australia finally got their first lead since the first bucket with Patty Mills escaping for a long touchdown pass from Matisse Thybulle. And again, the opportunity for a quick break was created by Thybulle’s defense on Campazzo. He got the stop, got the board and threw the pass. Legend.

Thybulle again! He reads the pass, gets the stolen passes downstream and Joe Ingles buries the immediate triple.

And Mills buries three more! He’s almost better with defenders all over him than when he’s wide open.

By Kelsie Iorio

When I do gelatin treatments (baking gelatin and water) in my hair (curly girl not an ex synchro) I just wash it with conditioner

-I hope this helps you

A guy at my school used gelatin to make a Mohawk about 16 inches tall, combed it up and then lay down on the edge of his bed before it hardened. No idea how he took it out, if he washed it …


One of the commentators said last night that the gelatin in the swimmer’s hair comes out in a hot shower.


For all new artistic swimming fans, I hope these blog friends help answer some of our gelatin questions. I am fascinated!

By Jon Healy

SPORTS CLIMBING: Tom O’Halloran falls on his 25th stroke

Can’t find the top climbing qualification live stream !? Can you post the link ??

-Thank you!

He will therefore not go to the final, but good to end his Olympic experience with a good performance on the head wall.

TOK33, people.

By Jon Healy

BASKETBALL: Baby boomers lead Argentina 22-18 in quarter

Australia are 4/10 from three points after making their last two. They move the ball well and look good, which coach Brian Goorjian will be delighted with.

He will be less happy that they didn’t shoot a single shooting foul in the first quarter.

Matisse Thybulle also made an immediate move once came in. His athleticism in attack, skills in defense, and his fuss on loose balls are so much fun to watch.

Nicolas LaProvittalo and Facundo Campazzo are making little offensive ends and they are clearly ready to fight.

By Kelsie Iorio

When will the 200m final be? They are so fast; I missed their sleeves !!!
Thank you for all your work on the blog.

-Surely this record will fall?!?

You are welcome ! The men’s 200m final is tomorrow at 22:55 AEST. Better take a nap tomorrow arvo.

By Jon Healy

SPORTS CLIMBING: Australian Tom O’Halloran begins his qualification as a leader in climbing

By Kelsie Iorio

where to watch the baby boomers?


You can stream it on 7plus here and I believe it’s also on the main 7’s free channel.

By Kelsie Iorio

when australians jump do you know?

– riding fan

There is no time allocated to each competitor, it is just one after the other.

Edwina Alexander-Tops is 50th and Katie Laurie is 60th (there are 73 competitors in this event).

By Jon Healy

BASKETBALL: the messy baby boomers to begin with

Ugly offensive start for the Boomers, with lots of loose balls and a few last second shots, but their defense is on point, drawing the offense foul.

Nic Kay missed a wide open three turn, which is not ideal. So they try to go inside towards Jock Landale, who had a lag with Facundo Campazzo, but the Argentinian dropped the ball and they came down to the other side for a triple.

Landale finally gets the Boomers’ second bucket with a railing roll in the basket for a nice pose, and Campazzo follows suit on the other end.

Patty thrills! He is in the game with a contested triple. And once again Campazzo responds with three of his own, giving Kay a stare for good measure.

Another grand opening missed Kay three, then a charging foul from Matisse Thybulle. Not good.

By Kelsie Iorio

GYMNASTICS: Tyson Bull is Australia’s most successful male artistic gymnast at the Olympics

He may not have a medal, but he has it. Like!

By Kelsie Iorio

ARTISTIC SWIMMING: We need answers

Follow-up question on the hair of artistic swimmers: how do they extract gelatin from their hair afterwards?


Omg – gelatin ?! Now I want to know how they are doing after the competition!

– I just read about the hair…

An ex-synchronized swimmer wrote earlier on the blog:

Judging: The artistic swimming routines are performed in front of three panels of five judges. Each panel notes one aspect of the routine. During the technical routines, one panel notes the execution, another the impression and another the elements. During the free routines, one panel notes the execution, another the artistic impression and another the difficulty. We used a lot of hair clips to keep our hair in place in the 70s and the costumes were leotards with sequins on spedos Music can be heard through the underwater speakers

-Ex Syncro

Ex Syncro, do you still know someone in the game ?? HOW DO THE GELATIN COME OUT?!? Super hot water ?? Is it sticky for days afterwards?!?

What song did the Australians swim to? (Please tell me it was You are the voice or The horses)


This one I have the answer for – it was a version of Paint it black by the Rolling Stones.

By Jon Healy

BASKETBALL: baby boomers ready for quarter-finals against Argentina

Matthew Dellavedova opens the scoring with a corner three. Luuurrrrv. He needs to get this three spot-up going.

By Jon Healy

ATHLETICS: Australians miss 5,000m final

Great blogging coverage team. Really really great. Thank you

the two Australians ran valiantly in their 5000m series.


Morgan McDonald was the fastest non-qualifier clocking 13: 37.36. Bah ! So close.

By Kelsie Iorio

WATER POLO: Australians narrowly missing place in semi-final

It hurts.

By Kelsie Iorio

ARTISTIC SWIMMING: Australian duo make their way through routine

Friend thompson and Emilie Rogers did not lack energy at the pool tonight, approaching a classic nothing less.

They surely have some of the biggest smiles of the night so far, and their coaches and teammates cheer them on from the stands we love to see.

The routine earned Australia a total score of 151.9010, which places them in 15th position with a few duets still to be played. The first 12 qualify for the final.

Have they considered a live audience vote for artistic swimming? That would surely spice things up!

-I have an interesting suggestion!

Okay, listen to me here. Eurovision. But for artistic swimming. SOMEONE MAKES IT HAPPEN

By Jon Healy

ATHLETICS: Kick-off for the men’s 200m semi-finals

17-year-old Erriyon Knighton took the 200m final by storm!

He rode home in the final 100 meters to win his semifinal in 20.01 seconds.

By Jon Healy


“Kookaburras’ eyes shot for gold as they face Germany in the semi-finals.”
Who wrote that dreadful “headline”? A three-year-old?
The grammar is atrocious. It is the English language which is bastard!
“The Kookaburras will look for gold against Germany in the semi-finals”
“Kookaburras hope for gold when they face Germany in the semi-finals”
Just two simple examples without trying to sensationalize the language in any way.
I’m so tired of all the hype made up in sports these days. It is pathetic!

-English teacher

Hello English teacher, you will be happy to hear that the title has changed since the Kookaburras won this victory. NS !

I just thought I would point out that it would be incorrect to say that the Kookaburras are “trying for gold” or “hoping for gold” in the semi-finals. Writing it that way would create a hype by hinting that they would win gold if they beat Germany. They were looking for a “chance for gold” because winning this semi-final didn’t give them gold; it only gave them a chance to play for gold.

Also, we cannot always write the titles in full sentences because there is not always enough room.

Thank you

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