Three major cocktail trends that will change the way we drink in 2021 and beyond

From partnering with Pinterest to inspire your next cocktail, to harnessing the latest AR technology to make world-class drinks in the comfort of your own home, the future of socializing is full of new ideas, aimed at inspiring people to drink better all over the world. To bring trends to life, Diageo has opened the virtual doors of a Taste of the Future experience:

Simon earley, Head of Diageo World Class, said: “Each year, we work with the world’s best bartenders and innovators to uncover the future of world-class beverages. The past year has been marked by extraordinary innovation and creativity within cocktail culture; we want to celebrate this and give everyone a taste of what lies ahead. of the Future is a fully interactive virtual space, allowing everyone to explore for themselves some of the partnerships in the near future that will soon appear at their home or at a bar near them. “

Among other things, the virtual space allows visitors to answer a series of questions on trends thanks to Pinterest and thus to find a bulletin board, including an association cocktail, entirely personalized to their taste; explore how using advanced augmented reality technology via a phone or tablet can create a perfectly measured Johnnie Walker Highball and unlock the next generation of drink personalization on a Ketel One Espresso Martini with a unique selfie, using the technology Ripples print cocktail bag.

But don’t just take our word for it, drink lovers can also hear from leading drink innovators Ryan Chetiyawardana (Mr. Lyan), Tim Philips-Johansson (World Class Winner 2012 / Johnnie Walker Global Brand Ambassador), Benni Lickfett (Global Director of Digital Innovation at Diageo) and Anna sudbury (Senior Partner Manager at Pinterest) explain how things like technology and sustainability are central to the future of our beverage experiences in an exclusive taste of the future and Johnnie walker panel “The future of social culture”.

Benni Lickfett, Global Head of Digital Innovation at Diageo, said: “There is a tremendous amount of passion in our industry, with much of the magic happening at the intersection of beverage, food, hospitality, technology and media. At Diageo, we let’s work with different partners like Pinterest to really understand their ideas and perspectives on how consumer behavior is changing, which allows us to focus on experimentation, bringing to market and really getting ahead of the game. “

Discussing the role of sustainability in future bar experiences, Ryan Chetiyawardana, sustainability pioneer and Johnnie walker partner, added, “There has been a real moment of reflection for the business over the past 18 months, whether it’s about connections with consumers, digital tools and sometimes purely operational changes. The idea of ​​human connection has become so important – people crave something new and explore new horizons. It has helped people re-evaluate what’s important and accelerated concerns such as sustainability. More and more people want to find the balance between a luxury experience and protecting the planet – there is reason to be optimistic.



Diageo turned to Pinterest, the visual discovery platform where people go for inspiration, to help users spark new ideas in their drink choices. Visitors to a Pinterest Cocktail Palate can answer a series of trending questions, select their preferred aesthetic, and Pinterest will generate a bulletin board, including a cocktail, fully personalized for the user.

Anna sudbury, senior partner manager at Pinterest, commented: “We are delighted to team up with Diageo for this one-of-a-kind partnership. Pinterest is where people come to get inspiration and discover new ideas, and unsurprisingly, people are very excited to play the host this summer, to meet up with friends. The number of people looking for cocktail ideas has increased over the past few months, so we know that users are going to love the ability to find personalized cocktail recommendations and recipes based on their personality. tastes “


Personalization continues to be a mega-trend in the beverage industry and Israeli innovators, Ripples, (the mastermind behind printed cocktails) are returning to the world class with their latest technology, the Ripples 2.0 platform. Among a slew of updates, Ripples released a second-generation printer and a revised way to easily build custom web apps to maximize the experience. All of this is accompanied by the development of the food technology of “Glow” prints using a natural extract, providing an element of surprise to any drink as it glows under UV light.


A partnership with Verizon and Yahoo Ryot Lab sees incredible augmented reality technology inspire the next generation of mixologists. Use the camera on your phone or tablet and take a step-by-step guide on how to make the perfect Johnnie Walker Highball cocktail – from adding ice to pouring the perfect measure of Johnnie walker, BETA AR technology guarantees a final product of a perfect Highball.


ThreeDium’s cutting-edge technology provides the ability to view and explore bottles from your favorite brands online through immersive and interactive 3D technology – you can even place them in your own home – enticing you to try something new.


What is your whiskey? Is an innovative digital experience using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze your flavor preferences to match you with your perfect whiskey service. Prepare to be inspired to try something new and learn a lot more about whiskey along the way.


Talisker’s Alexa / Google Home-enabled immersive tasting experience transports users to the Isle of Skye, inviting you to join the iconic tasting tour, all from the comfort of your own home.

Visit to explore the World Class Taste of the Future space and follow @WorldClass on Instagram for the latest drinks, trends, cocktail recipes and experiences.

SOURCE Diageo World Class Reserve

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