Thinking of starting a blog? Read these 10 expert tips first

People have been predicting the death of blogging for years. And yet, blogging continues to deliver results for businesses in every industry. If you’re considering starting a blog or improving your current content strategy, these tips from members of the online small business community can help.

Start your own blog

Blogging has been a popular marketing strategy for over a decade. But some companies have not yet created their own blog. If you’re ready to get started but don’t know how, read the guide in this Grind Boss article by Kevin Ocasio. Then head over to BizSugar to see what members are saying about the post.

Find business success through blogging

Regardless of your industry, blogging can help you achieve your goals. But you need a clear strategy and content plan. Janice Wald discusses some of the benefits of blogging in this article on Mostly Blogging.

Use these tools to monitor keyword rankings

Keywords are the building blocks of any SEO strategy. To get the most out of it, you need to understand how each is performing on a regular basis. So you may need keyword ranking tools and monitoring strategies, like those listed in this Startup Bonsai article by Adam Connell.

Improve your SEO copywriting

If you plan to start a blog or use other content marketing techniques, SEO will undoubtedly come into play. The trick is to learn how to write in a way that works for both SEO and for your actual readers. Jason Grills shares tips for improving SEO copywriting in this article from Pixel Productions.

Consider Dwell Time in SEO

SEO is not just about getting clicks from various keyword searches. It’s also important to consider how visitors interact with your blog and other content when they find it. Dwell time can be a particularly powerful metric to consider. Learn more in this article by Erik Emanuelli. Then visit the BizSugar Community to see more member reviews.

Use PR to bring media attention to your content

Once you’ve created an amazing blog post, it’s time to get more eyes. There are many ways to do this. But a popular option is to create a PR strategy. Get tips in this article from the Content Marketing Institute by Ann Gynn.

Earn Affiliate Marketing Revenue

Blogging can also be a source of income for your business. Affiliate marketing is a popular way to monetize content. If you’re not sure where to start, read this Blogging From Paradise article by Ryan Biddulph to find out how others are doing it.

Create a media kit for your blog

If you plan to monetize through sponsored content or promote your blog using PR, you need a media kit. This includes any information a potential sponsor or media outlet may need on your site. Learn how to make your own in this post on Corrie Alexander’s Work at Home Woman blog.

Prepare for Twitter changes

Twitter is a popular tool for promoting blog content. However, a change in ownership could soon impact the user experience. If you’re using Twitter to promote your blog or content, read the potential changes in this article by Anthony Gaenzle by Lisa Sicard. Then check out more reviews within the BizSugar community.

Boost your brand with these marketing solutions

Blogging is a popular marketing strategy, but it’s not the only one. If you want to create a comprehensive marketing plan for your small business, check out the options in this Noobpreneur article by Ivan Widjaya.

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