THINKING LIGHT WITH SHELDON MacLEOD: Too many promises and underdelivery for the homeless

As long-awaited modular units for homeless people on Alderney Drive, a Dartmouth councilor shares his thoughts. District 5 representative Sam Austin admits they made mistakes when they destroyed HRM’s temporary shelters last summer. And the Dartmouth Center advisor says they promised too much and didn’t deliver on their plan. But he says that despite this, they are making progress and still strive to correct their mistakes and learn from them.

Sheldon MacLeod has been a broadcast professional for almost 30 years. Eyewitness to the transition from singles and tapes to CDs, MP3s, computers, websites, blogs and the World Wide Web. And across all of technology, one thing remains constant: the satisfaction of sharing compelling stories with other humans. The responsibility to know better is to do better. Sheldon is based in Halifax, NS. Contact Sheldon at [email protected].


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