THINKING ALOUD WITH SHELDON MacLEOD: Kardeisha Provo shares untold stories from North Preston

In the fall of 2020, the Fabienne Colas Foundation launched a call for applications from young filmmakers for a series entitled Being Black in Canada. Recently, the four filmmakers who composed the entry Being Black in Halifax won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Direction in a Documentary Series. The winners were Lily Nottage, Dena Williams, Tyler Simmonds and Kardeisha Provowhose entry was titled North Preston: The Untold Story.

Dividing her time between Toronto and her home community of North Preston, Provo focused on storytelling and sharing her perspective growing up in Canada’s largest black community. African Nova Scotian history is our collective history and it has worked to reframe the narrative lost to negative press and old prejudices.

Kardeisha Provo is one of many black artists in Nova Scotia who are finding their voice and gaining recognition for their talent.

Sheldon MacLeod has been a broadcast professional for almost 30 years. Eyewitness to the transition from 45s and tapes to CDs, MP3s, computers, websites, blogs and the global web. And across all of technology, one thing remains constant: the satisfaction of sharing captivating stories with other humans. The responsibility to know better is to do better. Sheldon is based in Halifax, NS. Contact Sheldon at [email protected].


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