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Wes, Elgton Jenkins played so well with barely a starting hiccup against a talented passer. The league was already aware of his incredible versatility and dominant indoor play, but Sunday’s performance undoubtedly began to create a league-wide tackle demand for himself. Since high quality tackles are harder to come by than guards and they get higher wages, do you think we’ll end up moving it to the right tackle?

I firmly believe Jenkins could be a pro Bowler at five positions on the offensive line. He is so talented and so versatile. Obviously, on average, tackles command the highest wages, so this may be where his future lies.

Marshall from Green Bay, WI

After the team in 2011 passed a million yards, 2012 was a two-shell season if memory serves. It took Eddie Lacy in 2013 and the Big Letters promise to return to the floor game. It shouldn’t take a full season for this to be corrected. Hopefully Jones and Dillon follow suit and Rodgers follows suit.

Correct. Lacy started this push with the running game, and Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams finished it when they arrived in 2017. I don’t know if there will be a day when the Packers ask him to touch the ball 30 times in a game, but everyone understands its importance to the offense. Since 2018, there have only been seven games where Jones has carried the ball less than 10 times. The Packers are 1-6 in these contests.

I don’t know, to me it seems like we just don’t have enough quality NFL starters on the D line outside of “Kenny Clark”. It might not be our best LB body, but it’s not our worst and it certainly makes it difficult for them when linemen are constantly dying on blocks. Alvin Kamara did whatever he wanted, as did his replacement, a UFA rookie. On top of that, without pressure on the QB it is even difficult to assess if our DBs are good, no one can cover forever … Good luck to Joe Barry in solving this puzzle!

The Packers have their work cut out for them on Monday, but like I said on Tuesday, a game doesn’t make a season. Green Bay’s defense must smooth out wrinkles and set the tone against Detroit. They are at home playing in front of an enthusiastic crowd at Lambeau Field. It’s time to remind everyone who the Packers are.

Do you think we can handle Detroit on Monday night or will it be like last week?

I don’t want to make a word pie that I’m going to have to eat Tuesday morning, so I’ll just say this – I’d be very surprised if Monday night’s game was “like last week.”

Gentleman: I know this week’s game is an evening kickoff, but the weather looks almost identical to last week: 86, high humidity and high dew point. Hopefully our offense can keep our defense on the bench hydrated and rested. Thank you!

The weather may seem the same, but the heat in Jacksonville is different, especially after the sun goes down. Either way, I don’t expect the weather to be a factor.

Brock from West Lafayette, IN

Good morning! I just wanted to thank the fans who introduced themselves to Jax. Even when the game was out of control, I still heard the “Go Pack Go” chants on the TV.

It reminded me of the Packers’ loss to the LA Chargers in 2019, when 85% of the stadium wore green and gold. I got tickets for my boyfriend Adam and his family to attend Sunday’s game and I felt terrible about the result. But I was reminded afterwards that it comes from being a fan. Whatever the final score, you just need to enjoy the experience for what it was and the memories you created.


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