“The Story of Charles Duckling” by Angela Gerten is a charming story of a young duckling learning to face his fears and overcome his doubts | New

“The Charles Duckling Story” by Christian Faith Publishing Author Angela Gerten is a fun teachable moment for parents and young readers to share that will encourage discussions about strength and courage.

MEADVILLE, Pa., June 17, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — ‘The Story of Charles Duckling’: A charming tale of a precocious little duckling. “The Story of Charles Duckling” is the author’s creation published Angela Gertenwho was born and raised in the beautiful Great Lakes State, Michiganwhere she currently resides with her husband, Jon, and their three children.

Gerten shares, “Charles wakes up one morning hungry and determined to face his fear. He has doubts and worries that keep him from embracing all that God has made him, but with the help of his mother and a calm and stable voice indoors, Charles is able to do what he was created to do: swim and reach the fish.

“As children develop and grow, they will face times when they doubt their abilities, but so often God has already equipped them with the right tools. They just need a helping hand. encouragement and faith to know that God will help them do every good job.

“The questions at the end of this story are here to help any adult have a conversation with the children in their life that will acknowledge their fears and feelings, single out the important people in their lives, and allow them to name their abilities. special, while reinforcing the truth—that God is on their side.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Angela Gerten new book features vibrant illustrations by the author and Sterling Eash.

Gerten shares the hope of encouraging young readers to trust God as they navigate sometimes daunting new experiences.

Consumers can purchase “The Charles Duckling Story” at traditional bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes Store, or Barnes and Nobles.

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