The pros and cons of blogging on Goodreads

Book lovers have plenty of websites and communities to spend time on and share their passion for literature, but Goodreads stands out as one of the oldest and most respected. Among its many great features is the blog option, which has its pros and cons.

Here’s what you can expect as a blogger on Goodreads. The pros outweigh the cons, but not by much, so make sure you’re up for the challenge.

Benefits of blogging on Goodreads

All in all, you’re dealing with a platform that readers, writers, and publishers rely on for book recommendations, discussions, and advertising. But how exactly does Goodreads help you as a blogger?

Literary Discussions on Goodreads

The site has grown in popularity since 2007 because it allows people to track their literature, find new books to read next, chat with other bookworms, promote their books, and more.

There’s so much you can blog about for literary audiences, from favorite genres and author interviews to your own creative writing.

And since Goodreads offers ways to explore and talk about all of these topics, it’s a great platform to air your thoughts.

2. Goodreads gives you direct access to a global audience

As new platforms continue to appear, many book lovers stick with Goodreads and look forward to reading and talking about literature.

So, blogging on Goodreads means you have access to a huge community that loves books. You are addressing a range of readers, authors and publishing professionals around the world.


3. A Goodreads blog is good publicity

Goodreads Community tab options

Thanks to the status of Goodreads and its strong activity, your visibility as a literary blogger can grow. And since only authors can blog on Goodreads, your reputation as a writer can also benefit.

You still need to create great content and a blog on a regular basis to get people’s attention, but your audience, your tools, and your respected environment are already there, waiting to help you build a fanbase.

Disadvantages of blogging on Goodreads

The platform is valuable and popular, but not the hub it once was. One of the main reasons you should stop using Goodreads, especially as a blogger, is its outdated system, which its rivals have surpassed in recent years.

1. Goodreads has limited tools to make blog posts engaging

New blog post editor on Goodreads

You use a basic HTML editor to create articles on Goodreads or sync a pre-existing blog. While it’s not the most complicated process, it’s also not feature-rich for today’s standards.

For example, you get a plain font that you can only underline, italicize, and bold. You can add images via URL, simple emojis, hyperlinks, book references, and that’s how exciting your blog can be.

Not only that, but Goodreads doesn’t display its blog posts in an attractive way – it doesn’t even distinguish between content writing and creative writing. In other words, standing out on the platform is entirely up to you.

Goodreads hasn’t improved its layout much over the years. If the limited formatting tools aren’t bad enough to scare you off, accessing your blog and live posts is also tricky.

So, in order to grow your Goodreads followers and your blog’s potential, you need to go the extra mile with your tags, titles, content and marketing strategies – actively sharing your posts on social media is essential, for example.

3. There are better platforms than Goodreads for literary blogging

Travel blog posts on Goodreads

Whether or not you use Goodreads as a blogger depends on how effective you are. If you just express your thoughts and have simple discussions with a timeless community, Goodreads is perfect.

However, for awesome posts, smart tools, and smooth user experience, it is better to use alternative sites than Goodreads.

Be creative when starting a new blog

Think about what your blog is for and where it fits best. Goodreads is undoubtedly a reliable place to find book lovers interested in discovering and talking about literature. Still, it’s not the best choice if you want to quickly build a successful blogging career.

Explore other platforms and methods to get yourself on the map. You can still use Goodreads as a marketing and publicity tool for your literary work, as part of a larger strategy.

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