The police respond perfectly to a disparaging comment from the cyclists; Comedy or Olympic mugshots + more on the live blog


Northumbria Police are rightly very pleased with their efforts to jail dangerous driver Kyle Walsh who was arrested thanks to a cyclist’s camera and sentenced to six months. Sharing the news on Facebook, the force warned motorists they would “take action” if they are seen driving recklessly or endangering other road users in the footage of the cyclists.

According to it was prime territory for anti-cycle bingo and whining about what … luckily the Northumbria Police were ready …

David Chow had to be sure he served an ace: “Can drivers submit images to sue cyclists? [sic] who think they own the roads. Oh, we can’t because they don’t have a registration to identify them. “A weak start, David. Just old” cyclists break the rules and need license plates “… Not even a disjointed “road tax” … Disappointing.

You might want to sit down for the response from the Northumbria Police … “Hi David, can you tell us how many drivers have been killed in a collision with a cyclist in the past five years? We will respond to your up, it was zero. Irresponsible cycling puts the cyclist at risk, not the rider. This does not make it acceptable, but we are focusing our resources on the areas most likely to cause serious injury or death. C It is the person behind the wheel, not the one behind the handlebars, who can cause the most harm. “

Game. Together. Match? No, David has another chance …

David replied: “I don’t have the answer but I can say that not all drivers are dangerous.
It seems that these days we are all demonized by the dangerous minority. “

Admitting that you don’t have the answer isn’t a good start, David. Here’s the Northumbria finisher … “That’s absurd David. Where in the post did we demonize drivers? We highlighted an example of how a cyclist’s front camera helped us pull off a dangerous driver of the road If he had been allowed to continue driving in this way, there is a good chance that someone would have been killed. [want] both drivers and cyclists consider sending images of similar incidents to continue removing people like this from the roads. This is ultimately the point of it all. “

Now it’s game, set, match …


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