The Future of Emergency Medicine (EM) Sham Cases: A Massive and Modified Online Needs Assessment

Annex 1: the survey tool

1. How often do you use EM Sim cases?

a. Weekly

b. Monthly

vs. Several times a year

D. Once a year

e. Never

2. Do you use EM Sim Cases only for simulation cases, only for other blog content, or both?

a. Only for other blog content

b. Only for simulation cases

vs. Both

D. Neither

3. What are you using EM Sim Cases hardware for (eg education, in-situ simulation, quality improvement, study, evaluation, etc.)?

4. How much (if any) of your simulation program is EM Sim Cases hardware?

a. None


vs. 25-50%

D. 51-75%

e. >75%

f. Uncertain

5. What impact has EM Sim Cases had on your educational practice (if any)?

6. What impact have EM Sim cases had on your clinical practice (if any)?

seven. We currently have the following categories of simulation cases. From this list, please select the three that interest you the most?

a. Intensive care

b. Pediatrics

vs. Trauma

D. Toxicology

e. Respiratory


g. GI

h. Neurology

I. Endocrine

J. Communication

k. Cardiology

8. What other resources do you use when researching simulation cases besides EM simulation cases?

9. When referring to sources other than EM Sim Cases, what do you like and/or dislike about those resources?

ten. Are there any simulation cases that you would like to see developed that have not yet been covered?

11. We are trying to expand the content of our blog related to simulation. Besides content on what-if cases, what else would you like to see?

12. What could EM Sim Cases do to be more useful to you?

13. In addition to your suggestions so far, do you have any general suggestions for future directions for EM Sim cases?

14. What don’t you like about the site?

15. What are your suggestions for improving the site?

16. Have you ever submitted a case or message for EM Sim Cases? Why or why not?

17. What area are you from?

a. Staff physician

b. Resident

vs. Medecine studient

D. breathing therapist

e. Assistant doctor

f. Simulation Technologist

g. Registered nurse

h. Licensed Practical Nurse

I. nurse practitioner

J. Primary Care Paramedic

k. Advanced Care Paramedic

I. intensive care paramedic

Mr. Other

18. How many years in your career are you?

a. In the formation

b. 0-5 years

vs. 6-10 years old

D. 11-15 years old

e. 16-20 years old

f. 21+ years old

19. If you are a physician, what specialty are you in (eg emergency medicine, family medicine, general surgery, etc.)?

20. What is your training background in simulation-based education?

a. Completed a simulation scholarship

b. Master’s with a focus on simulation-based education

vs. Completed a simulation debriefing course (e.g. Harvard debriefing course)

D. Informal training

21. Are you a simulation leader/educator involved in the design and/or delivery of simulation programs?

a. Yes

b. Nope

22. If you answered yes to the previous question, which group of learners does this relate to (check all that apply)?

a. Residents

b. Medical students

vs. Feeding with milk

D. Paramedicine

e. Respiratory therapy

f. Continuing professional training of staff physicians

g. medical assistants

23. Where did you find this survey?

a. E-mail

b. EM Sim Cases Blog Post

vs. Twitter

24. In which city and country do you mainly live?

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