The Data Economics Company and Syzygy Publishing’s Chris Ryall Announce Content Partnership

LOS ANGELES, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Data Economics Company (DECO) and chris ryalfounding partner of comic book publisher Syzygy Publishing, are pleased to announce their new partnership to create gaming and entertainment experiences on the Lydion® Engine.

Ryall, who is also executive producer of Netflix’s “Top 10” series Locke & Key, and is the former Creative Director of IDW Publishing (2004-2020), is excited to bring his extensive entertainment industry expertise to this new partnership where he will advance the entertainment and storytelling experiences currently in development. development with DECO and its broader games and entertainment partnerships.

“It’s impossible not to be curious and excited about what the Lydion® engine can enable other creators and artists,” said Ryall. “This partnership gives me the opportunity to not only help guide that strategy, but to create new storytelling experiences.” Ryall is particularly excited about the unique opportunities created by the Lydion® engine to recognize artists’ creative contributions and increase their value over time, enriching the way audiences connect and interact with them.

The Lydion® Engine, developed by DECO, is an operating system for decentralized applications. It powers private and secure Lydion data vaults that allow individuals and businesses to aggregate and produce their data as valuable digital assets called Lydians. With Lydion-based platforms and applications, users can control, use, share, transact, and monetize their Lydions over private networks without losing control of the underlying datasets and without the need for cryptocurrencies. .

“Digital games have enormous potential to immerse us in other worlds and allow us to experience stories, rather than just hear or watch them. Although games have evolved as engines of storytelling over the years , we believe there is still room for games to innovate the method and scope of stories experienced by players,” said Arka Raychief executive of DECO, which previously launched multiple gaming platforms and helped ship hundreds of titles for Microsoft’s Xbox organization.

“Our key thesis at DECO for creating games based on Lydion is to create emotional connections between the player and the game, which will allow the value of the digital assets in these games to be driven by these connections. The story Chris’s commitment to connecting with audiences through history and art is unparalleled, and we’re thrilled to partner with him through the experiences we create,” said Ray.

Players will also be able to transact Lydions through traditional retail marketplaces, including Steam and Amazon, as well as cryptocurrency networks, including Ethereum, although it is not mandatory to use cryptocurrencies to the transactions.

“The platform will also provide the business models and incentives for developers to take creative risks and push the boundaries of narrative and gaming experiences beyond those offered by conventional client-server games. The goal is to allow developers to focus on creating great games and innovative experiences using these tools, rather than letting them worry about the technical or economic details of creating decentralized games,” said Ray.

DECO has taken decisive steps in the gaming and entertainment sector. Already in 2022, DECO announced three major partnerships in the sector, first with Three Donkeys LLC, founded by the legendary creator/designer of Magic: The Gathering, Richard Garfield and Skaff Elias; second with world building pioneer by David Lipa the Incradia company; and now with Syzygy Publishing chris ryal. Operating a multi-billion dollar global entertainment industry, DECO’s expansion into this sector diversifies the audiences and experiences offered on Lydion-based platforms as well as the reach of the Lydion® engine.

The mission of the Data Economics Company is to pioneer and propagate the field of data economics by leading science and research; developing the mathematical, economic and software frameworks and tools to power implementation; and continue to advance the commercialization of the Lydion® engine. The Lydion® engine enables businesses and individuals to convert their data into valuable digital assets that can be used, shared and traded in private and secure data vaults and economical data networks.

About chris ryal

Ryall is the co-founder of Syzygy Editiona new comic book venture led by the “Eisner-Award-losing” team of chris ryal and Ashley Wood. Ryall is a longtime comic book writer, editor, and publisher. He is also currently an executive producer on Netflix Locke & Key, as well as exhibition and programming consultant at the new Comic-Con Museum in San Diego.

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