The community continues to ensure the success of the Empty Stocking Club by volunteering, donating and updating the website | Local news

Acumium employees who volunteered for the Empty Stocking Club suggested it as “Kindness hack” project.

The current Empty Stocking Club website is basic and functional – and not particularly useful outside of the fall application period.

It’s a logo, title, and three links: one to donate to the program, one to volunteer, and one to apply.

“I think the main calls to action that are on the site right now (donate, volunteer, apply) are good,” said Caroline Sober-James, director of user experience at Acumium.

“The opportunities that we saw, and that Lynn sees too, was just to put more history around these calls to action, to be able to talk more about what the Empty Stocking Club is, why the Empty Stocking Club is it here, what role the organization plays in the community, ”said Sober-James.

There is a lot of story to tell.

The Wisconsin State Journal started Empty Stocking in 1918 – and still sponsors it – to help local families have a Merry Christmas. The program has stayed true to this premise for over a century.

State Journal readers and other members of the community donate to the program. These donations are then used to purchase toys for the children to ensure that every local child, regardless of the family’s financial situation, receives at least one new, high-quality toy for Christmas.

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