The author launches a book on “crushing the boxes”

An author’s first literary work is an open invitation to all who are ready and willing to do the job, not only to think outside the box, but also to become “box crushers”.

Author Michele Holloway and More Than Expected Publishing hosted a book signing, “Crush the Box, Create the Space” at the Depot Avenue event space located at 201 SE Depot Ave. Sunday.

The Gainesville native said she has always had a passion to help others and decided to launch Carter Michele Consulting this year to provide advice to clients who need help with their careers, finances and lives. .

“It was important to share what I’ve been through,” Holloway said. “It’s time to start crushing the things that have crushed us.”

Holloway’s session with MTE Publishing to create a slogan for their consulting service turned into the first steps in the creation of their new book.

“We were talking about ‘thinking outside the box’, but then we decided to crush it,” Holloway said. “Let’s get rid of it. Crush whatever is preventing you from creating your vision in life.

Holloway has owned Eden Michele Salon for five years and said she was excited about her new journey with the ‘Crush the Box’ tip.

“I have a passion for leadership,” Holloway said. “I have been consulting people calling me for advice for some time and have decided to make it official.”

Her book is 80 pages long and consists of eight chapters where she shares her life and how to overcome obstacles and offers readers questions to reflect on and transform their lives.

“I want people to know that we have the power to crush everything we face in life,” Holloway said. “They have the power to get out of this. I want them to know that they have the tools to access this power.

In her book, she explained how her father, Mike Holloway, played a major role in her life in pushing her to be where she is today. Mike Holloway is the head coach of the University of Florida men’s and women’s track and field teams which have won multiple championships.

“I made some bad decisions and he’s been a huge supporter mentally, physically, emotionally and financially,” she said. “He didn’t allow me anymore. He knew it hurt me.

Her father wrote her a letter stating, “I put you in the hands of God.

The letter became the catalyst for her to become autonomous and to crush the obstacles that were crushing her.

“It changed me,” she said. “It showed me that I had to crush the box myself. Without this letter, I wouldn’t be here.

Her father said he was proud to see what she accomplished.

“This [book signing] is special and heartwarming, ”he said. “She’s come a long way. Seeing where she is has been amazing. It’s great to see where her passion has taken her to be.

He said the letter he wrote was to inspire him to take charge of his life and strengthen his faith in God.

“I spoke to him and provided him with the tools to be successful in life,” he said. “You can be successful if you think about it and follow God’s example. “

Her mother, Judy King, cried congratulating her.

“I’m so proud of you,” King said. “There are times when you think things are going to turn out the way they should, but you knew you depended on God. I’m so proud of you for being who you are and what you stand for.

His grandmother, Mildred Robinson, also spoke at the event.

“I am so grateful and so proud of the way God has blessed you,” said Robinson. “I keep all of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren in prayer. I pray that God will continue to use you.

Her brother, Michael Holloway II, and her friend Caprice Byrd, also shared their thoughts during the book signing.

Afterwards, dozens of family and friends lined up to have their books signed and their photos taken with the author.

Holloway said she will be hosting in-person workshops and leadership classes in December at the Thornebrook Village Mall at 2441 NW 43rd St., Suite 5B.

She also said that a Crush the Box podcast is in the works.

For more information about the book and its consulting services, visit or email [email protected]

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