Student arrested for hacking exams department website

A Galle student has been arrested for hacking into the Department of Examinations official website.

Police say the student hacked into the website, scraped GCE 2021 Advanced Level Exam result data and posted it on a separate web portal.

The suspect had stolen the data of nearly 270,000 students and posted their results on a web portal similar to the Department of Examinations website.

The student had shared the web portal information and hacking steps in a 5,000-member private Telegram group, made up of computer science students from various fields.

Police said the Cybercrimes Investigations Division of the Criminal Investigations Department strategically entered the Telegram group and conducted thorough investigations into their activities.

The CID team had hacked into the student’s web portal after which he notified the Telegram group that he was taking steps to restore it, which led to him being singled out and arrested on Wednesday (07).

The suspect has been identified as a computer and technology student at a top school in Galle.

Police said investigations revealed the student had hacked into the government website to use the knowledge he had gained and not with criminal intent. (NewsWire)

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