SportsEdTV and FITLIGHT create a commercial alliance


FITLIGHT to become Miami-based company’s official reaction training gear

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 11, 2022 / — SportsEdTV has formed an alliance with FITLIGHT, making it the official reaction training gear of Miami-based SportsEdTV, which launched its leading sports learning ecosystem in July 2018.

“FITLIGHT makes great products to help athletes improve their agility and cognitive functions such as reaction time, processing speed and spatial awareness,” said SportsEdTV Co-Founder, President and Chief Marketing Officer Robert Mazzucchelli. . He added: “Training these cognitive functions is often overlooked by athletes and coaches except at the very elite level. We hope that the content we produce with FITLIGHT products, the leading product in its category, and the SportsEdTV trainers will help raise awareness of this type of training and help athletes of all levels to improve.

“SportsEdTV offers a revolutionary platform for the betterment of sports,” said Rob Bouw, Director of Sales for FITLIGHT. He added: “The fact that they provide free or almost free world-class video instruction will change the way people learn to play sports. They provide access to the highest level of coaching to people around the world who may never have been able to obtain this level of instruction. Associating FITLIGHT with this exceptional learning ecosystem is a perfect way to showcase our products and educate athletes and coaches on the importance of reaction training and drills to improve it.

Under this exclusive marketing agreement, FITLIGHT will provide SportsEdTV with its reaction training products which will be featured in training videos and sold through the SportsEdTV channels e-commerce activation.

About SportsEdTV: SportsEdTV exists to help athletes, coaches and parents LEARN, WIN and CELEBRATE. We don’t expect everyone who uses our learning tools to become world champions – that’s not our mission. We expect people who use our educational resources to become their own champion, by whatever definition they envision success in their chosen sport. For some, success is about making the varsity team, for others it’s about becoming a national champion, and for still others it may simply be about learning skills in a sport that offers a lifetime of fun and fitness. For us, whatever your sporting aspirations, if you strive to improve, you win! As a leading sports education company, we provide FREE video and blog content to anyone in the world with an internet connection. We also offer a global online community – where athletes, parents and coaches can interact, connect, chat, share content and find new friends – and a global directory of facilities and coaches. SportsEdTV videos feature the coaching of world-class coaches and athletes – many of whom are or have coached world champions – and have been watched by viewers in every country in the world.

About FITLIGHT: FITLIGHT specializes in the design and creation of equipment and technologies applicable to the sports, health and tactical industries. With innovative and patented technology, FITLIGHT’s goal is to change the way performance is measured and to be the global leader in the human performance revolution by providing interactive, adaptable and measurable training solutions and by improving the relationship between brain and body for all ages. and capabilities.

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