South Dakota Launches New Trucking Information Website


Finding South Dakota trucking information just got easier thanks to important updates to the state’s Truck Info website.

According to a press release, a major update from the South Dakota Department of Transportation SDTruckInfo the site is complete. The online tool is a one-stop-shop for trucks based or operating in the state.

Drivers and carriers looking for information about trucking in South Dakota can find the following at

  • Commercial driver’s license.
  • Special loading authorizations.
  • Emergency notice for the trucking industry.
  • Legal weights and sizes for loads.
  • Rules and regulations for interstate, intra-state and agricultural carriers. by land line

“The website provides a single portal to access vital information enabling motor carriers to operate legally in the state of South Dakota,” Highway Patrol Captain John Broers said in a statement. “The newly designed website is better organized, has more content and offers easier navigation for our users. “

In addition to direct access to the above information, the South Dakota Trucking Information website gives truckers access to contact details of other state agencies relevant to trucking operations.

Direct links are available to the state’s automated licensing system, SD511 travel information, other state trucking agencies, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The South Dakota Trucking Information Website is the result of a collaborative effort between the Department of Transportation, the Department of Public Safety, and the State Department of Revenue. The FMCSA partially funded the website with a grant.

“One of the newer features is a searchable electronic copy of the fully updated South Dakota 2022 Commercial and Agricultural Vehicle Manual,” said Dave Huft, SDDOT’s Intelligent Transportation Systems Program Manager, in a statement. communicated. “We are delighted to offer the electronic version of the new manual in addition to the published hard copy, which will be available from SDDOT, SD Highway Patrol, SDDOR and County Treasurers in January 2022.” LL


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