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Snap fans are going to fall in love with this fresh news.

Snapchat for the the Web is available for different users around the world. And while it may have been a long time coming, given the high anticipation involved, it’s time for the app’s fans to celebrate.

The app’s features related to video chats and standard messaging were made available to different browsers in July this year. But the launch was limited to a select few, like a limited portion of the market or those with a paid subscription.

But things are changing for the better, and the feature is within reach for avid users who love to type or have a lot of texts to send. After all, there’s a much bigger screen involved, not to mention full access to a whole keyboard too.

Although the company claims the web interface is simple and straightforward, you can also use it to send images. Did we mention the ability to make video and audio calls?

One of the app’s spokespersons mentioned that many people have been loving the video call feature lately. And the fact that it is also available on the web will be more appreciated. Just think of longer video calls.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson added that several other essential features may also appear on the web. It all depends on how things go and user demands.

But that’s not the only launch happening on the app. Snap recently released its series of widgets for lock screens. This is only limited to iPhone for now. This is right after the company unveiled its iOS 16 for the users.

With this new launch, you can create shortcuts for the chats you want or for conversations with those you love the most. Launching your conversations with just one click has never been easier than it is today.

Since we are still talking about shortcuts, we would also like to inform you that the application will soon have other shortcuts located in the upper part of the chat page.

This is designed to add more convenience so you can now instantly access your unread Snaps, conversations or replies. You’ll get reminders for other special occasions like birthdays or chats you haven’t opened yet.

Finally, the app introduced the Question Sticker feature. You can put them on Stories or any choice of Snaps.

With regard to the deployment of these new featuresthey will soon come to you.

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