See you soon, Silver Screen and Roll

It’s been almost nine years since I wrote my first blog post for this website. And I use the term “written” extremely freely. The only sentence I’ve made up in our version since the end of a daily links article — known as “The Credits,” long remembered by Silver Screen and Rollers — was “the day that fans of the Lakers dreaded has finally arrived: Dwight Howard has chosen the Houston Rockets as his free agency destination.

Yet despite this meager contribution, I was hooked. My parents and little brothers were probably so annoyed with how often I pulled out my Samsung Galaxy tablet during our summer vacation in San Diego to proudly show them my name on the website. I was an obsessed reader for years. It was a small opportunity, but just doing the work, for this community, on this site that I loved so much for so long, was a dream come true.

Much has changed in the nearly nine years since that position. I left Silver Screen and Roll. I returned. Dwight Howard too (twice!).

I also graduated from Cal State Fullerton. I got married. I moved to Los Angeles and was able to cover the Lakers as a reporter during their only good season in nearly a decade…at least until the NBA and the world shut down due to a global pandemic.

Throughout it all, this website and the community around it have been there for me. Stick with me because I had more creative freedom than I’ve ever had in my entire life. You made me happy as I wrote about the ornithological legitimacy of André “The Big Penguin” Drummond’s nickname, investigated the urban legend of The Lakers Giraffe logo, and you stayed with me throughout this lede. incredibly delayed and forgiving, and so I hope you stick around for a few more paragraphs.

But, most of the time, we’ve been hanging out here together for a lot of bad basketball. After all, the Lakers have played nearly 100 games under .500 (290-397) in my nine seasons on them. So there was a lot bad basketball, in addition to the only scintillating and fun title in 2020.

Yet even with an almost constant loss for the first time in Lakers history, this website continued to win, and one of the many things that changed during that time is what I appreciated in work. My excitement started to be less about seeing my own name on the front page, and more about helping my team create the coolest content they could imagine.

This change of passion is the reason why I am moving away from Silver Screen and Roll. But I’m not saying goodbye. Not only because my last quit attempt – which only lasted a few months – showed how futile it is for me to leave this site for good, but also because I’m not going far. I am promoted to Editorial Director for SB Nation’s NBA Team Brands, where I will oversee and attempt to facilitate the continued creativity of this beautiful blog and all of its sister sites.

But the new responsibilities that come with this job mean that my podcasting and blogging will be much less frequent. So even if I’m not going anywhere, you’ll probably hear less from me. Whether that’s good or bad news for you will depend on how often you agreed with my takes, I guess.

There are a ton of friends, mentors, co-workers, and haters without whom I couldn’t have had this opportunity, so I won’t even try to name them all. You know who you are.

Including you, the person reading this. Thanks, Greg.

Regarding the rest of the site: A new editor, of course. I’ll continue to monitor things for now and maybe post a bit if there’s any big news until we find my replacement, but we’ll be taking applicants to be the next site manager here in the next few weeks (we’ll post this opening on the homepage when it goes live).

But no matter who runs it next, Silver Screen and Roll and this community are so much bigger than me, and I know they’ll only continue to expand outward and upward with this incredibly talented staff who made the site what it is more than I (or anyone) ever could, anyway.

This blog was amazing before me, and after nearly a decade, it’s time for me to hang my ergonomic keyboard in the rafters with carpal tunnel braces and lumbar support pillows from Drew Garrison, Dexter Fishmore, CA Clark and Josh Tucker.

Eventually, we all have to leave Blog Life, but I will always fondly remember the trip. So from that first message to this last, thank you for coming with me for the ride.

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