Riot Games opens up new audiences on mobile

When Brandon “Ryze” Beck and Marc “Tryndamere” Merrill founded Riot Games in 2006, players were not seen as more valuable. For the company, the players are more than numbers on the seat. They are passionate people who deserve to be treated this way.

Brandon and Marc want Riot Games to become the most gamer-centric company in the world, one where gamers should drive development decisions rather than industry standards. Therefore, for the team at Riot Games, making a game is a better way to be a gamer. It means creating a gaming centric entertainment experience where the user’s time, dedication and love are valued.

League of Legends, a multiplayer online combat arena for PC, launched in 2009. Since then, it has grown from a game to a full entertainment IP.

The experience still revolves around one of the most played PC games, the League of Legends PC title, and has maintained its position for many years. League of Legends is also the largest esport in the world and has won Sports Emmy Awards, comparable to some of the biggest traditional sporting events in terms of audiences.

According to Riot Games, League of Legends is also a global community of enthusiastic fans and content creators. Whether it’s art, folklore, music, video or board games, League of Legends fans speak a cross-border language. Based on this global player-based passion, Riot Games offers a variety of ways to interact with your favorite champions and skin fantasies. Legend of Renetera And Team combat tactics, But also through other media such as music and upcoming, obscure TV shows.

Transition to mobile

The Riot Games team sees mobile as the next generation of gaming consoles. The team creates games that offer players everywhere, no matter their background or situation, an escape that feels surprised and empowered in ways that would otherwise not be possible. It was clear that Riot Games needed to embrace mobile to bring this experience to a large audience.

Many within this fan base have called for the introduction of League of Legends on new platforms, as well as others who have said it will never work.

It was not an easy trip. The team wanted to be able to create the same thrilling gaming moments that they thought were native to mobile. They also had to do League of Legends justice, as they have tens of millions of enthusiastic fans across the globe.

Therefore, the goal of League of Legends: Wild Rift was to embed the League of Legends into a multigenerational phenomenon that defines the genre and provides its essence on mobile.

Advances in mobile technology mean that mobile games can deliver an experience of fidelity and depth that was only possible on PC just a few years ago. As mobile technology evolved, Riot Games proactively prototyped the technology until it became aware of it, and its development created something worth calling the League of Legends.

From the prototype, the team confirmed that the main game loop has reached League of Legends standard. I had a handicap, but ultimately it was an opportunity. Take, for example, the champion, lifeline of games and Riot Games IP. The team knew that copying and pasting the champion into the Savage Rift wasn’t enough. This is because most abilities and champion kits don’t work well with the touch interface. As a result, the company is modernizing the game and appearance of Champions while working hard to maintain the essence of each Champion so that they are recognized by PC gamers. did.

Therefore, League of Legends: Wild Elevator The base League of Legends (MOBA) experience has been seriously redesigned for mobile. It is an entry portal to the ecosystem that players have built for them. At the core are gameplay, depth and skill, and champions and skins that players know and love. But it’s also a new way to explore the League of Legends content creator community and experience League of Legends as an esport.

“League of Legends: Wild Rift is the core experience in League of Legends (MOBA) and has been seriously redesigned for mobile.”

Launch on Google Play

On mobile, developers must find new ways to interact with gamers that match the way they consume information on mobile. Riot Games, for example, doesn’t expect mobile gamers to go to forums to share their thoughts.

The behavior of mobile gamers makes it difficult to launch games of the size and complexity of Wild Rift. However, the rich publishing tools available on Google Play make it easy to get started. The two tools that had the most impact on Riot Games were pre-registration and closed access testing.


Riot Games is on Google Play Pre-registration The campaign was a great way to reach players looking for new games. Pre-registered players will be alerted when the game is available. Alternatively, you can choose to install the game automatically on startup. I didn’t have to follow any news sites or forums that were notified at the start of the game. Details will be shared directly to your mobile phone.

At the end of the campaign, Riot Games had pre-registered nearly 40 million with very impressive results. This result has helped us make important business decisions. For example, you can better plan the infrastructure and server capacity you need to launch by notifying your team of potential demand in different regions.

Closed test

An important part of the development of Wildlift was the testing of players. Fortunately, Riot Games has now taken advantage of the ability to invite pre-registered users to eliminate the need to set up a tester recruiting process. It started out by doing small tests with Brazilian and Filipino players and eventually moved to a closed beta in Southeast Asia with millions of players. Being able to engage pre-registered users in the test goes through a significant phase of development without Riot Games being distracted by how to engage players to help build the game. That meant I could do it.

Tips for PC game developers from Riot Games

League of Legends: Wildlift stays true to IP, but targets mobile audiences

1. Stick to your IP

Riot Games sees the move to mobile as a way to deepen gamers’ love of intellectual property. But it’s a good idea to remember why you made these players into fans. What is the essence of the experience that constitutes your IP? Why are people playing for hundreds of hours or chatting about your game with friends late into the night?

In games and their marketing, we want to protect its essence when moving to mobile. As long as you can maintain the essence of intellectual property, don’t be afraid to rethink your experience to feel mobile. It’s an opportunity to engage with existing fans and open up intellectual property to new viewers.

2. Welcome PC and console gamers

Riot Games wanted League of Legends: Wildlift to provide a native mobile experience. In other words, it was not possible to offer cross-progression with League of Legends on PC.

However, the developers wanted to admit that PC gamers are spending a lot of time and love on League of Legends. Therefore, when we launched Wild Rift, we had to reward our time with the League of Legends. Therefore, depending on the time and money spent on the PC, players will receive a special welcome gift that includes champions and skins. This is a token of gratitude to the League of Legends veterans who created the game today.

And after?

Looking to the future, Riot Games is excited about the potential of mobile games. As the accessibility of mobile devices and technology continues to advance at an incredible rate, Riot Games believes that tomorrow’s reality is very important to what people can dream of today.

Mobile means the ability to bring games to more people than ever before. It creates new opportunities to learn and to push the limits of what is possible. But in the case of Riot Games, we expect players to tell us exactly what those possibilities are.

If you want to know more about Google, Riot Games, etc .; Stay tuned for the Google For Games Developer Summit, which takes place July 12-13.

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