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In 1980, David Weidert, buried alive and killed a 20-year-old Californian with a developmental disability named Michael Morganti. It all happened because Weidert wanted to cover up a $ 500 heist he had committed. Weidert was sentenced to life for his heinous acts, but last week Gov. Gavin Newsom took no action on the state’s latest parole board decision, which grants Weidert parole. This decision makes the 58-year-old man eligible for release from prison.

Last year Newsom blocked Weidert’s parole and said at the time:

“[Weidert] currently poses an unreasonable danger to society if released from prison at this time.

In 2016 and 2018, former Gov. Jerry Brown canceled Weidbert’s potential release.

13 months after Newsom blocked Weidbert’s parole, he has now accepted the findings of the Parole Board hearing which have determined that he does not pose a current risk to public safety. This is of great concern to many people with knowledge of the acts Weidbert committed in 1980.

Vikki Van Duyne, sister of Michael Morganti, discussed the governor’s decision,

“I didn’t think the governor would think things had changed in 13 months from when he said no last time, because I haven’t seen anything change,” he added.“You are doing very bad things, we have to have a way to protect society and keep people in”

Vikki Van Duyne believes her brother’s killer is still dangerous and will work to change the legal standards for parole.

John Cox, a candidate running to replace Newsom as governor of California, said Newsom’s latest move “sickens me” and that [Weidert] should never see the light of day again.

Michael Morganti served as Weidbert’s lookout as he committed a heist. Weidert, 17 at the time, told law enforcement that he killed Morganti. Weidbert and an accomplice lured Morganti into a car, took him to an isolated area, and forced him to dig his own grave. The two men beat Morganti with a baseball bat and shovel, stabbed him and strangled him with a telephone wire. Morganti would later suffocate after being buried alive.


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