Portland man designs website to help shoppers find test kits

The site tracks several websites selling COVID-19 home test kits, making it easier for shoppers to find them.

PORTLAND, Oregon – A software developer from Portland designed a website This makes it easier for shoppers to find in-home COVID test kits online.

Scott Krager said the site tracks 17 tests every 60 seconds from several online retailers, including Amazon, Walgreens and Rite Aid.

“I had a lot of friends on vacation who were like, ‘Where can I take a test, Scott? You have tests, where did you buy them? ‘ Krager said. “I just want to be able to send them a link, they can press a button and they can go to six different sites at once.”

Krager’s timing is good. Starting Saturday, a new policy under the Biden administration will require insurance companies to reimburse people for up to eight COVID tests per month. This means that a family of four would be eligible for 32 tests per month.

Just keep your receipts dated January 15 or later.

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“I hope this website won’t be needed in a few months,” Krager said. “But for now, I hope it helps them find one they can ship to them.”

Meanwhile, the Oregon Health Authority just launched a new website as a resource for those who test positive for COVID-19. It’s a place where they can bring home test results so the state can better track the number of cases.

The site, along with a new hotline, is also sharing information on isolation and quarantine as the number of cases continues to rise. The hotline number is 866-917-8881.

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is on track to receive approximately 6 million test kits by early February. So far, OHA has received just over half a million test kits, and more shipments are expected this week.

The OHA said the supply chain for rapid testing is still severely behind schedule due to high demand and made worse by weather conditions and shipping delays.

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