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An overview of the tip411 INSIGHT tool and options for surveys

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New tip411 technology enables customizable mobile surveys to help agencies get feedback from residents

tip411 Insight is really intuitive to use – just like the rest of the tip411 feature suite – and so much simpler than other survey tools I’ve tried.

– Chief Jim Howarth, Delhi Township Police, Cincinnati, Ohio

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, USA, December 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Currently, and with increasing frequency, law enforcement agencies across the country recognize that they have a way to receive feedback valued members of their community is a vital part of their community mobilization strategies. Even though they are aware that this need exists, many lack the method to do it easily and effectively.

With our latest product, tip411 INSIGHT, law enforcement agencies can send dynamic and fully customizable surveys to citizens for feedback from community members.

The Delhi Township Police Department in Ohio uses tip411 INSIGHT to engage with its residents in new and innovative ways.

“Tip411 Insight is really intuitive to use – just like the rest of the tip411 suite of features – and so much easier than the other investigative tools I’ve tried,” said Chief Jim Howarth of the US Police Department. Delhi Township in Cincinnati, Ohio. “I like being able to now use this Insight feature to conduct investigations because I think it’s critical that law enforcement agencies reach out directly to their communities for feedback. “

In addition to its existing line of innovative products to help law enforcement engage residents and community members of all ages, tip411 INSIGHT provides innovative functionality that allows agencies to create an unlimited number of community surveys. personalized to get essential information on any topic they want their community to comment on.

“We are confident that our new tip411 Insight survey capability fills an important gap in the community engagement efforts of many law enforcement agencies,” said Terry Halsch, president of tip411. “It can be difficult to get honest feedback on agent interactions, service performance and many other topics, and this new tool allows departments to easily create and deploy surveys through their existing tip411 smartphone app,” on their website, via social media, and more. “

With tip411 INSIGHT, agencies will be able to obtain the opinions and comments of residents on topics such as public perception of the agency, agency effectiveness, comments on agent interactions and any specific and urgent problem of the community and / or the department currently facing an agency.

Those interested in learning more are encouraged to visit www.tip411.com/tip411insight to watch a video where Chef Howarth shares his experiences with tip411 INSIGHT.


Used in over 2,500 communities across the United States, tip411 is a web-based toolset that delivers innovative smartphone apps, anonymous text tips, group alerts, and secure social media posting tools. . tip411 helps agencies engage community members of all ages by allowing anyone with a mobile phone to submit tips through a smartphone app or anonymous SMS tips to authorized agency or agency staff. organization can respond in real time.

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