Police demand high visibility port because “nobody wants to play Spot the Cyclist”; Cav released from hospital after Six Day accident; The CS3 counter exceeds two million; Simon Cowell: Cycling my most creative time + more on the live blog

This is the time of year when police forces and road safety groups think about what advice to give road users as night approaches. Usually that means lots of posts like the one above for the live blog …

Playing devil’s advocate, some might say that’s okay, at worst an awkwardly worded message that conveys a lesson most cyclists already know. However, there are an even larger number of responses that see it as victim-blame and all a bit unnecessary considering the number of stories we see of cyclists wearing hi-vis goggles killed or seriously injured. The Surrey Roads Police Unit is at the forefront of this argument … the Northern Ireland Road Police account is not.

The post asked cyclists to use high visibility, saying “no one wants to play Spot the Cyclist!” You could (without controversy) argue that it is the duty to everyone on the road to play at spotting the cyclist always. Either way, they said a hi-vis jacket was given to the person they spotted without. #KeepingPeopleSafe.

Reaction? Yeah, let’s do that …

And it’s not just the police force making a pop … as the clocks rolled back up, author Philip Pullman took to social media to complain about the “damn fools” who were driving through Oxford at full speed on bikes without light or high visibility …

How many weeks before the clocks move again?

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