Pensoft Welcomes SNSB Paleontology and Geobiology Journal Zitteliana to Its Portfolio


The scholarly publisher and the technology provider Pensoft welcomes the latest addition to its diverse portfolio of scientific outlets – the peer-reviewed open access journal Zitteliana, which publishes research in the fields of paleontology and geobiology.

Zitteliana is a journal of the Bavarian National Collection of Paleontology and Geology Munich, which is part of the Bavarian National Collection of Natural History (SNSB), a natural history research institution comprising five state collections.

Published both online and in print, the journal contains original articles, short contributions, and reviews on all aspects of paleontology and geobiology, welcoming research across all regions of the Earth and all periods of geological time. The journal invites both modern and traditional research findings, including paleobiology, geobiology, paleogenomics, biodiversity, stratigraphy, sedimentology, regional geology, systematics, phylogeny, and interdisciplinary studies of these. areas.

Since its launch in 1961, the journal has changed its name several times (i.e. Mitteilungen der Bayerischen Staatssammlung fuer Palaeontologie und historische Geologie, Zitteliana A (Abhandlungen) and Zitteliana B (Mitteilungen)), and expanded both the scope and the thematic range to cover global research in all areas of paleontology and geobiology.

“This year Zittelliana is celebrating its 60th anniversary with brand new equipment. The switch to innovative scholarly publisher Pensoft shows how tradition can go hand in hand with innovation and modernity. We are very excited about this relaunch and look forward to transforming Zitteliana in a leading international journal in paleontology and geobiology with Pensoft ”, adds the editor of the journal, Professor Gert Woerheide.

After switching to Pensoft’s scholarly publishing platform ARPHA, and with a brand new user-friendly website, Zitteliana Now takes full advantage of ARPHA’s signature end-to-end, fast publishing system, which dramatically improves the user experience for authors, reviewers and editors. The collaborative platform supports manuscripts at all stages of the publishing process – submission, peer review, editing, publication, dissemination and archiving, all in its online environment. For the benefit of readers, published articles are then made available in PDF, machine-readable XML JATS formats, and semantically enriched HTML, making them much easier to discover, view, cite, and reuse.

In addition, the ARPHA platform offers a long list of high-tech features and human-provided services, such as advanced data publishing, linked data tables, semantic markup and enhancements, export automated sub-article elements and data to aggregators, sub-articles. Level usage metrics and web service integrations with over 40 world-class indexing and archiving databases.

The first articles of the journal published with Pensoft are already Publicly available. One of the studies, written by Norbert Wannenmacher, Volker Dietze, Matthias Franz de la national office of geology, resources and mines at the regional council of Friborg, and Guenter Schweigert from Stuttgart National Museum of Natural History, describes three new species of fossil species from southwestern Germany.

Zitteliana is the latest in a series of journals on the topic of biodiversity to join the Pensoft family – earlier this year the journal of ichthyology Acta Ichthyologica and Piscatoria signed with the scholarly publisher and moved to the ARPHA platform.


To pursue Zitteliana at Facebook and Twitter.

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About Pensoft:

Pensoft is an independent academic publishing house known around the world for its innovations in semantic editing, as well as for its cutting-edge publishing tools and workflows. In 2013, Pensoft launched the world’s first end-to-end XML-based authoring, reviewing, and publishing workflow, as evidenced by the Pensoft Writing Tool (PWT) and the now-released Biodiversity Data Journal (BDJ). upgraded to the ARPHA publishing platform. Top titles include: Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO), One Ecosystem, ZooKeys, Biodiversity Data Journal, PhytoKeys, MycoKeys and many more.

About ARPHA:

ARPHA is the premier end-to-end, narrative, and data-integrated publishing solution that supports the full lifecycle of a manuscript, from writing to editing, publishing and distribution. ARPHA provides accomplished and streamlined production workflows that can be customized according to journal needs. The platform allows a variety of publication models across a number of options to choose from brand, production and revenue models.


Dr. Gert Woerheide, editor-in-chief of Zitteliana

[email protected]

Lyubomir Penev, Founder and CEO of Pensoft and ARPHA

[email protected]

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