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“Chief Counselor” Zachary Noah Piser (R) and “Camp Co-Counsellor” Mia Weinberger (L) of Camp TV on PBS.

Camp TV, the public media series for kids ages 5-10, brings the magic, learning and fun of the day camp experience to your living room. Season 3 added 10 new episodes (airing weekdays at 12 p.m. and online at camptv.org). This live-action summer series debuted in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which shut down summer camps across the country. Offering fun activities and learning adventures for kids missing the summer camp experience, it’s led by a head counselor played by exuberant Broadway performer Zachary Noah Piser (Dear Evan Hansen, Wicked), which guides campers in their learning through play.

Comedian, writer and filmmaker Mia Weinberger (Molly Shannon’s Tilly the Trickster, The Notorious RBG) joins Zach as a co-advisor in the new season. Zach kicks off each episode with a welcome song, then the theme for the day is announced, which in Season 3 will include Unicorn Day, Carnival Day, Magic Day, and more.

Join the dynamic Camp TV duo as they guide campers through a variety of activities, exploring nature, math, science, arts, movement, storytelling, writing, self-care, and more. Each episode includes special appearances from experts and teacher artists from leading cultural and educational institutions in the New York metro area and beyond, as well as a narration segment featuring a book of the day. The series will also spotlight content from PBS stations across the country. Visit the official site, camptv.org.

Math and science shows and games for kids

Ready to have fun with math? Cyberhunting, our award-winning animated math and environmental learning series for kids ages 6-8, celebrates its 20th anniversary with new episodes, new interactive games and more. Kids can stream all 10 episodes of the 20th Anniversary Season, plus a veritable treasure trove of episodes from previous years, at pbskids.org/cyberchase.

Join fearless heroes Jackie, Matt, Inez and Digit as they tackle hot environmental topics from light and water pollution to sustainable design and biodiversity, using their math and problem-solving skills of trouble to save the day in Duck Stop, The Great Out-doors, Coral Grief, Sustainable By Design, Traffic Trouble, A Garden is Born and many more episodes. Cyberhunting fans can also hone their math skills through a variety of fun and educational digital games on the Cyberchase website and the PBS KIDS Games app (pbskids.org/apps).

Cartoon image of a girl and a duck outdoors in nature.
The brand new Duck Dash Game invites kids to use their math skills on a high-flying migratory adventure, and kids can have fun in fashion with an all-new game launching next July.

In the new digital learning game Cyber ​​Fashion Challenge coming later this summer, players help Jackie, Matt and fashion designer Fabio DeZine create unique clothing designs using upcycled clothing. Along the way, they are introduced to important math and environmental science concepts of geometry, counting, simple addition and subtraction, and environmental sustainability. The game will have accessibility features to help students with a variety of physical and cognitive disabilities. Cyber ​​Fashion Challenge will be on the Cyberchase and PBS KIDS websites and available through the PBS KIDS Games app (pbskids.org/apps)

This summer too Cyberhunting is excited to continue its popular “Green It Up” initiative, featuring hands-on activities and printables designed to inspire an appreciation for nature, build STEM skills, and help kids feel empowered to be stewards of the environment. Head over to wnet.org/education/greenitup for these inspiring and fun resources on how to plant a vegetable garden, make your own compost bin, protect pollinators, and more.

Teachers can participate in Cyberhunting Fun too. Elementary teachers can immerse themselves in a wealth of news Cyberhunting environmental resources covering sustainable design, coral reefs, migration, etc. on PBS Learning-Media.

Cyberhunting airs weekdays at 3 p.m. and Sundays at 9:30 a.m. on THIRTEEN, and Monday-Sunday at 2 p.m. and 10 p.m. on our Kids 24/7 channel, THIRTEEN PBSKids (kids.thirteen.org). Enjoy episodes, games, educational resources and more at pbskids.org/cyberchase.

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