Operational Update: Support for Mexican Rescue Efforts, Continued Relief for Ukraine and Kentucky – Ukraine

Eleven countries supported with medical aid over the past seven days.

Over the past seven days, Direct Relief has delivered 357 shipments of medical aid requested in 41 US states and territories and 11 countries around the world, including Ukraine.

The shipments contained 25.6 million defined daily doses of drugs, including insulin, wound care products, prenatal vitamins, cardiovascular drugs, and more.

Last week, Direct Relief and Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinated the delivery of nearly a ton of personal care items and 11 field medical kits to support rescue efforts in Coahuila, Mexico, where ten miners had been trapped after a cave-in the previous week.

In response to an oil tank explosion in Matanzas, Cuba, Direct Relief coordinated with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to provide a shipment of 36 field medical kits, essential drugs and additional supplies for their response. Direct Relief staff will continue to monitor the situation and respond accordingly.

Additional shipments of insulin and tetanus vaccine are being processed by Direct Relief for shipment to Kentucky in support of ongoing flood relief efforts.

This week, Direct Relief hosted a delegation from the Navajo Nation, including Attorney General Doreen McPaul and Assistant Attorney General Kimberly Dutcher, at its California headquarters to discuss a variety of topics, including new initiatives and opportunities for partnership growth. .

Since February 24, Direct Relief has provided medical aid to Ukraine weighing more than 1.8 million pounds, or 900 tons, with more on the way. Over the past seven days, shipments including PPE, cardiovascular and respiratory medications, insulin and more have left Direct Relief’s warehouse in California bound for Ukraine.

Recently, 18 field medical kits donated by Direct Relief were received and distributed by the local NGO, Razom for Ukraine. The backpacks were distributed to first responders and healthcare providers in Ukraine.

Additionally, an ambulance donated by Direct Relief equipped with a stretcher, spine board and wheelchair recently arrived in Odessa, Ukraine to support first responders in the area.



This week, Direct Relief shipped over 24.3 million defined daily doses of medication outside of the United States

The countries that have received medical aid in the past week are: Ukraine, Lebanon, Paraguay, Sierra Leone, Guatemala, India, Sudan and Mexico.


Direct Relief delivered 341 shipments containing 1.3 million doses of medicine over the past week to organizations including the following:

  • Welvista, South Carolina

  • Society of St. Vincent de Paul dba Pharmacy St. Vincent de Paul, Texas

  • Community Health, Illinois

  • Community Helping Hands Clinic, Georgia

  • Pancare of Florida, Inc., Malone, Florida

  • Open Arms Health Clinic, Texas

  • North Jefferson County Clinic Pharmacy, Texas

  • Friendship Medical Clinic, INC., South Carolina

  • Hands of Grace Medical Clinic, Georgia

  • Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation, Kentucky

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