No Way Home ‘set to cross $ 1 billion globally on Saturday – deadline


UPDATE FRIDAY, to write: Sony / Marvel Spider-Man: No Path Home is about to have a very merry Christmas as the webslinger is on the way to overtaking the $ 1 billion globally mark Saturday. That would make it the first pandemic-era film to cross the milestone, as well as the second-fastest title ever at 11 days (tied with Avengers: Infinity War). Avengers: Endgame is the record holder, having done it in five.

Today the movie directed by Jon Watts No way home is on track to become the highest grossing film in the world in 2021, overtaking the two Chinese films that have been at the top of the charts for some time.

At the international box office, No way home disgusted $ 32.2 million Thursday, bringing his cum from overseas to $ 490.2 million and worldwide at $ 876 million until yesterday.

The top 10 overseas markets through Thursday are the UK ($ 61.4 M), Mexico ($ 46 M), France ($ 31 M), Korea ($ 29.9M), Brazil ($ 28.4 M), Australia ($ 28.2M), India ($ 24.9M), Russia ($ 23.1 M), Germany ($ 17.2M) and Italy ($ 17.1 M)


Meanwhile, in other good news for Sony, Venom: let there be carnage exceeds $ 500 million worldwide today. The domestic gross is $ 212.5 million with the foreigner at $ 287.6 million, bringing its global dimension to $ 500.1 million. The film ranks No.3 at the domestic box office for 2021 and No.4 at the global box office for studio titles in 2021, behind only No Time To Die, Spider-Man: No Way Home and F9.

Venom 2The top 10 markets are Russia ($ 32.4M), UK ($ 24.7M), Mexico (24.6 million), Korea ($ 17.9 M), France ($ 15.9M), Japan ($ 13.1 M), Germany ($ 12.5M), Brazil ($ 12.1 M), Australia ($ 10.3M) and Spain ($ 10.4M).

Elsewhere, Warner Bros’ Matrix resurrections caught in another $ 6.1 million Thursday of 67 foreign markets currently being published, bringing the international cumulation to $ 25.3 million. With the servant, this leads him to $ 35.8M worldwide.

Warner bros

Germany debuted at $ 507,000, ranking No.2. The result is 4% ahead of the opening day of Black Widow, 8% above Blade Runner 2049 and 20% more Shang-Chi. the Middle East launched with $ 671,000. Seven small markets open today, while Australia leans Sunday.

The top 5 markets to date are Japan ($ 5.7 M), Russia ($ 4.9M), UK ($ 2.4M), France ($ 1.7M) and Thailand ($ 935K).

Universal / Illumination’s Sing 2 increased his income abroad to $ 15.4 million Thursday, with strong openings and spillovers reinforced by word of mouth as the lucrative family vacation period approaches. Global cumulative through Thursday is $ 32.6 million.


France added $ 1 million yesterday to reach $ 4.4 million so far, previews included. The total for Wednesday and Thursday, excluding premieres, is almost 3 times the same day on the first film. Sing 2 continues to occupy second place behind No way home.

Russia hit $ 725,000 on Thursday, including previews, in line with the first movie and # 3 behind Spider Man and local title Last warrior 3.

Italy at Sing 2 set to be the pandemic’s biggest animated opening with $ 400,000 through Thursday. The day was slightly impacted by the government’s decision to impose the FFP2 mask and to ban the consumption of food and drink in cinemas.

Spain accumulated $ 700,000 while Belgium is $ 500,000, including previews, more than 3 times the first film. Cinemas close on the Sunday market in mid-January.

We will continue to update throughout the weekend.

PREVIOUS THURSDAY: Spidey did it again, registering another milestone as he surpasses $ 800 million worldwide. Sony / Marvel Spider-Man: No Path Home now has a worldwide total of $ 813.9 million until Wednesday, pushing it back No time to die and make it the # 3 movie of the year and the best Hollywood release.

At the international box office, No way home drawn $ 34.8 million in its website on Wednesday, down just 10% from Tuesday. The overseas cue is now $ 457.4M, still in sixth place in the general classification for 2021.

The top 10 markets through Wednesday are the UK ($ 57.1 M), Mexico ($ 43.9M), France ($ 28.7 M), Korea ($ 28.6 million) Brazil ($ 26.6 M), Australia ($ 26.3 M), India ($ 23.5M), Russia ($ 22.2M), Italy ($ 16.1 M) and Germany ($ 15.5 million).

As Peter Parker enters his second weekend, Warner Bros’ Matrix resurrections greatly expands this framework. After opening in Russia, Japan, Thailand and four smaller markets with $ 9.1 million last session, it debuted in 49 additional markets on Wednesday and generated $ 6.6 million for a total offshore current of $ 18.9 million.

the UK led all of Wednesday’s first games with $ 1.4million, ranking No.2 and next above Dune and Loan Player One. Imax’s results were strong with 14% of the total share and ahead of No way home for the day.

France grossed $ 1.2million at # 3 and above Ready Player One, Venom 2 and Blade Runner 2049. Mexico swallowed $ 514,000, outperforming pandemic compositions Principle (+ 124%), No time to die (+ 68%), Dune (+ 65%) and Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings (+ 45%).

Somewhere else, Spain ($ 395K) and Brazil ($ 368,000) each ranked # 2, and Korea was good for $ 315,000 at No. 3. In Japan, Resurrections has now grossed $ 5.3 million and continues to be the best movie out there.

In total, Resurrections launches in 68 markets through Friday. Opening today, there are 18 markets including Germany, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

By also expanding this session, Universal / Illumination’s Sing 2 has an international dimension of $ 12.6 million to date, including sales and new openings through Wednesday.

Sing 2 bowed France yesterday at No. 2. In previews, it grossed $ 2.1 million – the biggest animated title ever to hit the market – and added $ 1.3 million on Wednesday, bringing its number to business at $ 3.4 million. It had the biggest animated opening day in the pandemic and the best animated opening day ever in December. With previews, launch day has been the best for an animated film since Incredibles 2 in July 2018, and the second largest opening day of Illumination after Minions.

Mexico had a final day of previews Wednesday with $ 700,000 at No.2 in the market, bringing the cumulative total to $ 1.1 million so far. Wednesday’s result is 12% higher on the same day than previews for To sing and delivered the best opening day for an animated film during the pandemic.

Belgium, who goes into confinement from Sunday, saw Sing 2 take people out to the movies on Wednesday with $ 100,000. Previews included, this is the biggest animated opening day of 2021 and more than double the first film.

Sweden had a great preview day with $ 114,000, the best start for a family movie in 2021. More stringent Covid restrictions will be implemented from today.

We will have more updates throughout the weekend.


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