New Washington football team name and logo to be revealed on Groundhog Day


Almost two years after temporarily changing its name to “Washington Football Team”, the Washington, DC-based NFL team will soon have a new permanent name.

The team announced that they would unveil their new name and logo on February 2 in a seven-minute video featuring franchise legends like Doug Williams and Joe Gibbs that went viral on Tuesday morning.

The team’s old name has come under scrutiny for racial overtones after being criticized by Native American advocacy groups for decades. Team owner Daniel Snyder vowed to “never” attempt the name until recently, when the club decided to use the Washington football team as a placeholder name until recently. that he can choose a full-time name that is neither offensive nor insensitive to race.

The Washington football team also noted that its new name would not be “wolves” or “red wolves,” a pair of ideas the team said were fan favorites.

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“We are confident that this identity is one that our team and fans across DC, Maryland, Virginia and beyond can rally to for another 90+ years as we continue to cheer on Burgundy & Gold in this upcoming chapter “, team president. Jason Wright wrote in a blog post Tuesday morning.

“Our journey to a new identity is a marathon, not a sprint,” Wright also said in a trailer teasing the new name. “To get it right, we had to take every step of the process seriously, and the destination is the sum of all those parts.”

On Tuesday, football fans began circulating their picks and guesses for the Washington football team’s new name on social media, with names like “Commanders,” “Admirals” and “Redtails” in the spotlight. fashion on Twitter.

And because the new name will be announced on February 2, which is Groundhog Day, some have also wondered if the team will even be called the Washington Groundhogs.

But other fans just keep the same name,

Regardless of the new name, it’s possible that the nickname could lead to increased sales of jerseys for the team, as well as a surge in general interest in the merchandise.

“It will be a big event,” Matt Powell, senior industry advisor for research firm NPD, told MarketWatch during the team’s name change in 2020. “Not all Washington fans will be going for a new jersey. , but many will. “

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In a somewhat similar situation, the MLB franchise in Cleveland changed its name from Indians to Guardians after receiving similar criticism from many groups. The Cleveland team also changed their logo, which previously featured a smiling red Indian face.


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