New suffragettes launch website for local women’s rights work

Local women’s rights group, the New Suffragettes, launched a website to serve as an online resource with news and events, personal blogs and resources to support women and women’s rights. Honoring the life and work of the original suffragettes who fought for women’s suffrage, the new suffragettes have worked diligently since the overturning of Roe v. Wade this summer to create a local community group and helpful online resource to protect and support women. rights today, the band said.

The group can be seen around the city volunteering for voter registration drives and supporting awareness events and marches for women’s rights in their distinctive purple New Suffragettes t-shirts with logo and design incorporated from the color palette used by early suffragettes.

Most recently, the group participated in the Women’s Wave 2022 on October 9, a nationwide march originating in Washington, DC and featuring sister marches in cities across the United States, including one here in Chattanooga.

New Suffragettes have been actively working on local and national issues since their launch and this fall their primary focus has been voter registration and education, while helping to raise awareness, share helpful information and resources, and create a community that actively supports women and women. rights. Now the local women’s rights movement has an online home at
If you would like to learn more or get involved with the Suffragette News, you can email [email protected] and someone will contact you.
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