Mobile Season 5 — Tropical Vision

Blazing Encore Pistols

Transform into a super soldier and bring pain to your enemies. In this new multiplayer mode, you can use your custom loadouts, but your scores and operator skills will be disabled.

The objective is simple: eliminate enemy operators and be the first to earn 30 points. Earn 1 point for killing normal Operators and 3 points for killing an enemy Super Soldier.

Become a Super Soldier by filling your Fury Gauge in one of three ways: (1) Earn 100 points for killing a Normal Operator, (2) Gain 100 points when they die, and (3) Gain 300 points for killing an enemy. great soldier. When your Fury gauge hits 500, it’s show time.

As a super soldier, you will enjoy the following benefits:

· Dual-wielding Death Machines, with 200 total rounds.

Improved health

When you are eliminated or you expend all your ammo, you return to the default operator state.

Style Up Bots in Battle Royale

Our Battle Royale bots are getting a facelift as they try out a variety of Operator skins previously only available to players. Don’t get too distracted by their new look; it’s still up to you to eliminate them on sight.

New Themed Event: Flood Team Bravo

A man-made tropical storm caused massive flooding, putting lives at risk. Soap and Team Bravo must help extract the water by reinforcing the water pumps throughout the area. Complete general and special tasks in multiplayer and Battle Royale mode to earn event points and progress on the reward track. Complete the event to earn the ultimate reward, the Soap – Vacay Ready Operator.

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