Ministry of Labor Launches Website for Unemployment Insurance | Rhode Island News


PROVIDENCE, RI (AP) – The Rhode Island Department of Labor allows people to apply for unemployment insurance online.

The ministry announced this week that it is rolling out a new unemployment insurance platform, UI Online, to allow people to apply online and track their application. They can also receive reminders to certify weekly payments, receive alerts if they need to provide additional information, and securely update their payment method.

The platform is available in English and Spanish and has been designed with anti-fraud measures to thwart fraudulent unemployment claims. The available options normally require a phone call.

Department head Matthew Weldon said the past year and a half has made it clear that improvements to the 30-year-old unemployment system are needed and long overdue. He said he heard from countless people frustrated with the unemployment process.

UI Online will be presented to a small group of job seekers so that the ministry can get feedback and fine tune the system. Selected entrants will either receive an email invitation or be redirected to the new website upon filing a claim or certifying their weekly payment. They can opt out and use the existing system.

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The ministry expects to use the system for all applications by early next year.

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