Mina the Hollower is more than just a Game Boy love letter

It took years, but all the promised content in shovel knightThe Kickstarter campaign was released as a five-game anthology. Yacht Club Games’ efforts to create a modern retro classic have been wildly successful, and the company has continued to fund and release more retro games and modern versions of shovel knight. However, the heart of Yacht Club is that of an old-school development studio, and many fans wonder what this part of the team has been working on ever since. Shovel Knight Trial and king of cards. At the recent Yacht Club Games Presents, fans finally got an answer: Mina the diggeranother Kickstarter title that seeks to emulate Classic Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.


Mina the digger is primarily a spiritual successor to the 8-bit Castlevania games and the three Game Boy games The Legend of Zelda Games. Like with shovel knight, this title is meant to mimic the experience of those older games as players remember them. This means a higher aspect ratio and character portraits that fall outside the system’s normal 8-bit limits. The game also adheres closely to its inspirations, while blending the charm and ingenuity that Yacht Club is known for. Fans of old action-adventure games will definitely want to give this project a look. It’s worth double for those waiting on Nintendo to do something with the old “OracleThe Legend of Zelda securities.

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Mina the Hollower owes a lot to the Game Boy Zelda

Zelda Oracle of Seasons Mystery Seed

At first glance, Mina the digger looks like a gameboy The Legend of Zelda game that never existed. The resemblance of this title to The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of agesand Link’s Awakening cannot be underestimated. Mine uses an 8-bit chibi art style, just like those games, and also adheres to the same limitations of having four colors per 8-by-8 pixel tile. Viewed in a vacuum, many of these sprites look straight out of Game Boy Color games, though the environmental assets tend to use more diverse color schemes. The only major cheat is that Mina the digger displays a 16 by 9 widescreen resolution, whereas a Game Boy has a 4 by 3 screen.

The similarities with Zelda go more than skin deep. One of the main elements associated with the three Game Boy Zelda games is Roc’s feather, which allows Link to jump on command. This is a vital element that players will often find themselves favoring. The mere presence of a skip of a tile brings Mine much closer to its Game Boy inspirations than most would think, and diving into the ground afterward gives it a creative spin. The ability to pick up and throw small objects and use a wide variety of tools is also present in Mina the diggeralthough these tools work a bit differently, they would in Zelda.

Mina the Hollower is a send-off to many action-adventure classics

mina the hollow bus driver

The handguns, trinkets and upgrade system of Mina the digger all look like other perennial action classics. Some handguns and trinkets look like the classic Zelda objects like the boomerang-shaped Gyro Dagger or the spider that can serve as Zelda 1The stepladder. However, overall handguns tend to have more than one Castlevania flavor, and the trinkets seem to work like hollow knightthe charms. Mina the digger owes a lot to Castlevaniaas handguns also have limited energy and Mina herself wields a whip.

In fgeneral, Mina the diggerThe light-hearted gothic horror aesthetic of draws inspiration from a number of franchises that already inspire each other, including the aforementioned ones. Castlevania, hollow knightand transmitted by blood. Mina’s leveling system looks a bit like transmitted by blood as well as its resource, Bones, are the in-game currency. It’s kind of like that shovel knight dealt with his gems, but here he is directly channeled into different stats at each level. Mina the digger also share shovel knightJake Kaufman, composer of chiptunes, and should benefit greatly from it.

The game appears to be a well-crafted blend of the strengths of many games with plenty of its own charm, and fans nostalgic for Game Boy games and shovel knight should watch its Kickstarter closely as it progresses.

Mina the digger is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and will be released on PC.

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