Millions of websites are about to get a significant speed boost

As part of its Speed ​​Week 2021 event, Cloudflare announced that it is the first CDN provider to implement full-scale server support for a new internet standard called Early Hints.

Early Hints can help speed up websites on the corporate network by 30% or more for free, resulting in a significant increase in the speed of millions of websites.

Working with leading browsers, Cloudflare will save internet users’ time while creating faster, more transparent experiences for businesses and their customers.

Co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare, Matthew Prince provided further details on the company’s implementation of Early Hints in a Press release, saying:

“Everyone should have the fastest and most reliable Internet access possible and we’ve built our global network to deliver just that. Now we take it a step further and work with major browsers to speed up millions of your favorite websites and apps. , completely free.

First clues

Currently, when you visit a website, your web browser cannot load a page for you until it receives instructions from a server about all the different elements such as images and text that need to be. be displayed.

Now, by working directly with browser manufacturers, Cloudflare is able to save an extra step and reduce website load times. The company will provide the first clues (hence the name) to browsers to let them know they need to start loading critical web page elements before a server has even finished processing time to load a web page. Web page.

As a result, it reduces the time between entering a website URL and finishing loading that website. Even more impressive is the fact that Cloudflare is able to do this without requiring any additional action from a server through a combination of the scale and speed of its global network and using machine learning.

Interested users or companies can register Cloudflare Early Hints beta here and we’ll likely know more about the company’s implementation of this new Internet standard once it’s officially rolled out.

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