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Mandy Healey dreams of publishing a gluten-free cookbook to help others, and the local community is behind her, helping to raise the necessary funds.

Mandy Healey from Bargara Post Office is blown away by the support from the community to help her publish her first cookbook.

Living most of her life with the debilitating pain caused by gluten grains, Mandy is passionate about sharing her story and healthy recipes, in the hopes of helping others.

Mandy remembers a time in her life when she was so sick that doctors said she only had a few days to live, but after finding support and changing what she ate, Mandy moved past the expectations and changed his life.

“I am one of the unlucky ones who cannot have cereal,” she said.

“Before Craig and I bought the Bargara Post Office, I worked for 10 years in the health and wellness industry to help those suffering from the devastating effects of celiac disease, as well as ‘other gluten-related disorders.

“I am a trained and certified gluten educator and (have) suffered all my life from the debilitating pain caused by gluten grains.

“It is my dream to publish this cookbook; in fact it’s more than a dream with almost 60 recipes already created and a confirmed editor for my gluten and grain free cookbook.

After realizing the cost of publishing a book, Mandy, who has been a manufacturing jewelry maker for over a quarter of a century, made the difficult decision to sell her precious personal items to follow her newfound passion.

“I also sold my most precious possession, my jewelry making workbench and my tools – which broke my heart – but I realize, and I truly believe, that I will be able to help thousands of people with my book, “she said.

In addition to selling her jewelry making items, Mandy set up a display inside Bargara’s post office detailing her passion and plans, and within a week the community rallied to help.

“It makes me cry so much to know there is so much support out there,” she said.

“I put up this exhibit and people including young children came with donations and it’s just wonderful.”

Mandy hopes that by publishing a book about her lifestyle changes and coming up with gluten-free recipes, she leaves a legacy to help others.

“When I was a jeweler-maker, I never had an apprentice to pass my trade on to someone else, so now I want to give others information that took me over 10 years to put together” , she said.

“I spend all my free time writing, and it was supposed to be educational, a complete step-by-step guide to helping people understand gluten, but now it will be full of recipes, too.”

For more on Mandy Healey’s dream of becoming a published author, check out the Bargara Post Office Facebook page.

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