Mailed ballots, 4 area school districts to retry failed draws

Ballots sent to Benton County for a second try at various school levies (Getty)

Ballots sent to Benton County for a second try at various school levies (Getty)

If you live in Benton County and are a registered voter, ballots will arrive in the mail…wait! It’s not November?

Four area school districts will retry failed levies

If you recall back in February, voter “fury” over various district policies (mostly related to COVID and state mandates) caused normally “reliable” levies to fail in Kennewick, Finley, Grandview and Prosser. .

in Kennewick, voters approved a technology improvement tax, but narrowly defeated the vote on the much larger operations. The same thing happened operationally in Prosser, Grandview and Finely, where the levy lost only a few votes.

The ballots have been mailed

Ballots were mailed out on April 6, you have until April 26 to complete them and return them either to a drop box or by mail.

At least in Kennewick, much of the opposition has come from now-abandoned mask mandates in schools. Some voters we spoke with said they voted “no” to get the attention of school officials. However, now that the mask requirement is gone, many believe Kennewick will approve of his operations tax.

in Finley, the levy failed by literally five votes, and a mandatory recount triggered by the narrow margin did not change that.

Officials are hoping for better turnout, in Benton County only 29% of registered voters returned their ballots.

For more information on this special election, click here.

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