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The Sunrisers Hyderabad are not in the race, but the Kolkata Knight Riders are still in the game, part of a mid-table confusion from which two teams will join runaway leaders Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals. The Sunrisers may well play revelers for the Knight Riders here, as they have done before, and for the Knight Riders it will be of the utmost importance to play the XI well, as not all of their players have shown proof. form or consistency, Captain Eoin Morgan is among them. .

You can find live coverage of the match in English here and in Hindi here.

And if you are in the US, you can watch this game on ESPN + in English, as well as Hindi.

KKR gets his two points

SRH made them fight tooth and nail for it, but in the end, KKR hit the target with two bullets in reserve. After Shubman Gill’s fifty, it took a calm and decisive 18 out of 12 by Dinesh Karthik for KKR to come home. They are now 12 points, two points ahead of three other teams tied at 10. Their high net rate suggests they have their fate in their hands. Their last match is against Rajasthan Royals.

Thank you for being with us this evening.

Impressive debut for Malik

Umran Malik finished with numbers 4-0-27-0. On two occasions, he entered the 150s on the speed gun, the only Indian to have done this IPL in this way. He has a lot going for him: a strong, athletic body, strong action and raw pace. He is only 21 years old and has played very little official cricket. This statistic from Sampath Bandarupalli tells you how much he troubled Nitish Rana: “Nitish Rana’s 8.33 strike rate against Umran Malik today is the second lowest among hitters to face at least 10 balls on a pitcher in an IPL match. The lowest is 0 by Dwayne Smith who failed to score a run of the 12 balls he faced from Merchant de Lange in 2015 in Chennai. “

It’s such a success with IPL screening that someone from a troubled and isolated state – J&K experienced the longest internet shutdown in any democracy – arrived on our TV screens at a young age and without any work behind him. Those who ask “where was he hiding?” missing the story here. We should be thankful that he got here.

Gill puts KKR back on track

It started with a risk against Rashid Khan, jumping and chipping him at the deep midwicket for four. Then he hit Jason Holder for two more ovens. Then shot the extremely fast Umran Malik for two more. From 25 of 30, Gill is now down to 54 of 45. KKR needs 32 in the last five overs.

Second more from Umran Malik

Two wide in it, but those were the only races as Nitish Rana couldn’t hit any of the deliveries except the last one, which was a straight Yorkie. Here is the stopwatch: 141, 136, 147, 145, 143, 133, 145, 142

KKR 42 for 2 after nine overs. It gets tight.

The pursuit of troubled KKR

No team has a better record than SRH in small total defense, and they’re starting over. There was something on the pitch for the rapids, and Bhuvneshwar Kumar set the tone with the new ball. Jason Holder and Rashid Khan followed him with one wicket apiece, and at the time of the first timeout, KKR was just 40-2 in eight overs. Shubman Gill is not eaten on the 24th of 25.

Welcome, Umran Malik

Just one T20 game and one List A game before that, and J&K’s Umran Malik was accelerated in the IPL. One inside, and we know why. Big strong pitcher, strong action, reinforced front leg, and he already threw the fastest ball by an Indian in this IPL. His appearance in the first row: 145, 142, 150, 147, 143, 142. He is only 21 years old.

KKR 21 for 0 after four overs.

KKR needs 116 to be playoff favorite again

A round that never took off ended with a disappointing 115 to 8 score. Only six limits since Powerplay. The question now is whether KKR is looking to finish it early for NRR purposes. They don’t really need it, though, as their NRR is among the best anyway. So if they win today and later against RR they will pass unless MI wins their matches with huge margins.

SSR gets choked

In 13th place, Priyam Garg jumps out of the crease to lift Shakib Al Hasan for a six more. This is the first limit since the end of Powerplay, and brings SRH’s execution rate to about five. We are seeing the collapse of a team that used to be one of the most cohesive in the IPL. They just don’t have the stick. SRH 67 for 4 in 13 overs.

Shakib gets Williamson

And is that the match? Williamson is looking for a quick single from the side of the leg, but Shakib, also the bowler, is quick to run to his right, throw the ball and then throw the stumps on the non-attacking side. SRH 38 for 3 in 6.5 overs. Williamson scored 26 of those 21 balls, but it wasn’t a great run. On a flat platform, I would say why risk your wicket for just one bachelor, but this year has been different so singles matter. That said, this one needed a dip.

Williamson Masterclass

This is how the last Powerplay over unfolded.

Ball 1 Short one length, wide, crunched to the right of the blanket, four across the extra blanket.

Ball 2 Cut hard, but straight to the point of coverage

Ball 3 Delay the shot to beat this man to the cover point to his left

Ball 4 Sweeper returns to the off side, but Williamson still manages to strike wide enough to his left to come back for two

Ball 5 Jump the fold, push just to the right of the sweeper for four

Ball 6 If the sweeper is turned over to the opposite side, someone has the upper hand. He’s the third man. Williamson dabbed on it and found the gap between the point and the short third man.

SRH 35 for 2 at the end of Powerplay.

Some bowling tests

In the first four overs, Tim Southee and Shivam Mavi played mostly test-match lengths and got some stitching movement to leave SRH in trouble. Both forerunners started, Wirddhiman Saha in the first and Jason Roy in the fourth after a prolonged struggle. KKR will seek to ensure that they injure the SSR sufficiently before the deaths, which are KKR’s weakness. SRH 16 for 2 after four overs.

KKR’s chance to get ahead

The Kolkata Knight Riders will be in hot pursuit as they look to get out of the embarrassment of the middle of the table. They face the Sunrisers Hyderabad, who are already out of the tournament and therefore dangerous because they have nothing to lose.

SRH made his debut at Umran Malik, who not too long ago was a net thrower with them. Then T Natarajan got Covid-19 and Malik, from Jammu and Kashmir, joined the team. Malik, 21, has only played one T20 game and one List A game, so he must have something special. He starts the rhythm with his right arm.

KKR finally brought in Shakib Al Hasan, which should give them bowling cover. It also means that Andre Russell is not in good shape yet.

Hyderabad Sunrises 1 JJ Roy, 2 WP Saha (week), 3 KS Williamson (capt.), 4 PK Garg, 5 Abhishek Sharma, 6 Abdul Samad, 7 JO Holder, 8 Rashid Khan, 9 B Kumar, 10 S Kaul, 11 Umran Malik

Calcutta Horsemen 1 VR Iyer, 2 Shubman Gill, 3 RA Tripathi, 4 N Rana, 5 EJG Morgan (capt.), 6 KD Karthik †, 7 Shakib Al Hasan, 8 SP Narine, 9 TG Southee, 10 CV Varun, 11 Shivam Mavi

Sidharth Monga is Associate Editor at ESPNcricinfo

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