KELA Dark Web Threat Intelligence Products Now Available on AWS Marketplace


TEL AVIV, Israel, Dec 22 2021 / PRNewswire / – KELA, a global leader in exploitable dark web threat intelligence, today announced that INTELACT, its dark web attack surface monitoring product, is now available for purchase on the AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog containing thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, purchase, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

KELA provides unparalleled visibility into adversary behaviors and relevant threats, illuminating and deciphering hidden events, activities and actors that would typically go undetected or analyzed. KELA provides contextual intelligence to its clients to proactively neutralize threats before they affect their business.

“Ever-evolving underground cybercrime and endless security alerts require specialized intelligence to mitigate the risk of attack,” said Ayesha Prakash, Global Vice President – Partnerships and Alliances at KELA. “With the increasing migration of on-premises technologies to the cloud, advocates are looking for automated solutions to neutralize relevant threats, reduce their attack surface, reduce irrelevant noise and take automated action. INTELACT provides visibility into the organization’s attack surface as seen from the With actionable alerts, real-time risk measurement and seamless integration into our customers’ AWS environment, INTELACT provides our customers with the information and the information needed to stay on top of threats and ahead of attackers while maintaining the use of the most advanced cloud technologies. “

With INTELACT’s attack surface monitoring, organizations can safely migrate more tools from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. They can use the most advanced technologies while remaining alert to relevant potential threats to stay ahead of attackers and protect the organization. The design of INTELACT consists of several AWS technologies to support the process and delivery of real-time alerts and contextualized information to each of KELA’s customers.

The powerful features of INTELACT include:

  • 100% automatic delivery of targeted attack surface intelligence
  • Real-time alerts to proactively act on intelligence to eliminate immediate risks
  • Monitoring of specific assets to receive only targeted and actionable information
  • Efficient dark web threat detection to help users maintain a small attack surface
  • Seamless integration with AWS environments and other security technologies

Now and for a limited time, KELA customers can save an additional 30% on our Dark Web Threat Intelligence products on AWS Marketplace through the end of 2021.

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About KELA

KELA eliminates the fear of unknown digital threats that all organizations face. Recognized around the world, our combined solution of exceptional automated threat intelligence technology and deep personnel expertise delivers actionable threat intelligence that is highly relevant to your organization. By harnessing underground cybercrime, KELA solutions reduce your team’s workload while enabling proactive and targeted defense.

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